Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th all!

I’d really like to have a post about loot rolls .. and bad luck.. but I’m just not able to get past the first sentence. So.. pretend you read something witty to that end.

In other news:
– Last Saturday: Lilac with West Kingdom and Guardians of the Flame killed SSC trash and tried Lurker 3-4 times. No boss kills but we’ll go back.
– Later on Saturday: Lilac got to go into Tempest Keep with Shadow Warlords and help down VoidReaver. No phat loots. But it was good to see the big robot die.
– Sunday: Lilac with West Kingdom and GotF downed KHM. Lilac got her T4 shoulders (since everyone else already had theres). We then went on to wipe on Gruul ALOT. Ending the night with 2 1% wipes.. followed by respawn. 🙁
– Monday: Lilac with WK went into ZA and killed both the Bear boss and the Eagle boss. Lynx was out of our reach though. The raid as a whole was kind of pissy. Bad attitudes suck.
– Wednesday: Tatia with WK and 2 raiders from GotF (invited to get to know our style) took on Kara. We downed Attuman, Moroes, Maiden, Big Bad Wolf and Curator. It was very smooth.
– Last night: Tatia with WK and GotF took down High King Maulgar and Gruul. No phat loots. Tatia already has both of those set pieces.

I honestly meant to get screenshots. I wanted to show healing UI in action with out-of-ranged combatants.. and various buffs/debuffs.. but it totally slipped my mind.

THERE you’re all caught up. Now I can stop feeling guilty for not writing up all those damned entries.