Let’s just be friends

Hight Warlord Naj’entusSo.. in other news 😉

Lilac helped to down High Warlord Naj’entus. I’ve decided to completely skip that pesky T5 and go straight to T6 🙂

Ok.. not really. As mentioned in the previous post, Joe hopped onto our ventrilo and asked if we had someone free to goto Black Temple. Just moments before he’d logged in, a bunch of our guildies had setup a run on a heroic. They were just about to walk in the door. I was fiddling with my toons trying to restock and figure out what quests I need to do for “Champion of the Naaru”.

Joe logged in.. and actually he said he wanted to get one of our hunters. We told him the hunters weren’t available but Lilac (Affliction Warlock) was available (Now that I think of it.. I think Sae was available.. but he didn’t speak up.. so he must have been either busy or AFK). Joe went away for a little bit to consult with his co-GM. Then he came back and said that would be fine. I’m left to wonder what exactly they consulted about.

Lilac was summoned to the entrance and we started clearing trash. There was very little instruction so I just used one of the other warlocks to pick my target. Looking back on the night I’m baffled to see what difference it would have made if we had sent a hunter instead (or a mage, or a rogue, or any other DPS for that matter). As long as whoever was sent has >8k health.. I really don’t see how the class would have mattered.

We cleared trash up to High Warlord Naj’entus, discussed strategy(macros) and then made a couple of attempts on him. The trash in here seems to respawn really quickly. I think in total we made ~5 attempts on Naj’entus. On attempt 4 or 5 Joe asked if Fynriss (fiancee) would be able to join us (Joe was starting to lose raiders). On our last attempt we were actually dodging respawning trash. We finally got him down. It’s an interesting fight.

After that we cleared trash to Supremus. The Supremus trash is fantastically easy. It hardly felt like we were killing trash in an instance. Since we had trash respawn behind us we decided that if we would make one attempt on Supremus. I think we got him down to 65% (and now have a much better grasp of the fight)(Gruul+Big Bad Wolf).

It was a fun evening. I’m glad to have gotten the chance to see the content. Even if I didn’t get any phat lootz.

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  1. The consult was about survivability. We had a lot of clothies in the raid allready and we wanted a hunter for its toughness. The fight we did was mostly a healer intensive fight and we were just concerned about keeping annother clothie alive 🙂 But we decided to give annother clothie a go and it obviously worked well, I think you did a great job and was very happy to have you along for the funs.

  2. LOL I love your anti-spam words 🙂

    So hey, can you point me towards an entry where you talk about your guild situation? Obviously you’re not in Joe’s guild, but he turns to your guild for filling in gaps when required – does your main guild raid at all?

    My Player blog

    Valdestas last blog post..How To Get a 10% experience bonus for one hour

  3. 🙂 Guild situation is described here:

    My guild is West Kingdom:

    After that we got a few more players into the guild.. but still not enough to do 25-mans on our own. So we allied with Shadow Warlord’s (Joe’s guild).

    SW has since gotten enough players to do 25-mans on their own.. so now they only occasionally pull us in to help fill in their raids.

    We’ve now allied with Guardians of the Flame and have re-started doing 25-mans.

    The rest is described here:

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