Happy Summer!

Burning BlossomLast year this was full of “Meh”. I was in my mid 60s and wanted the Spirit of Summer.. but couldn’t get a group together to run the dungeons. This year it’s full of win.

JugglingEvidence the first: Although Torch Catching is a PITA I feel the reward is worth it. I’m made fantastically happy by being able to juggle. I’m made fantastically unhappy to realize that the torches are conjured.. so after the festival there will be no more juggling. (which BTW is very hard to screenshot)

Spirit of SummerEvidence the second: Cross-world tour netted Lilac 380+ blossoms. Tatia has also done the same. Both Tatia and Lilac now have the Spirit of Summer. It’s making me -fantastically- happy.

Evidence the third: As a side bonus, the world tour also netted me 1,000+ gold. This puts me only 800 short on Epic Flight Fund. I just might be able to hit that.

I’m also tempted to take my lowbie (44) hunter on a world tour and grab some easy levels. I’ll consider it some more.

I haven’t yet done the optional boss… I’m really hoping for a mini-flame elemental pet. Hopefully we’ll be able to attempt that tonight or tomorrow.