UA/Corr or Corr/UA

If you have both instant cast Corruption and Unstable Affliction, and you cast them together, which should you cast first?

Here’s the visual. On top is Unstable Affliction followed by instant cast Corruption. The bottom pair shows instant cast Corruption followed by Unstable Affliction.

UA/Corr vs Corr/UA

Notice that the only real difference is when the first dot hits and when the last dot hits.

Here’s a graph of total damage done.


Corr/UA comes out early in the lead and applies its first dot at 3 seconds.
But at 4.5 seconds UA/Corr becomes superior by applying both dots at once.
From 4.5 seconds to 19.5 seconds the two methods swing back and forth in superiority. Each is superior for 50% of the time.
From 19.5 seconds to 21 seconds UA/Corr is superior in that it applies it’s last dot first.
At 21+ seconds (assuming no reapplication) the order is irrelevant, they have done identical damage.

So the answer is.. it doesn’t really matter.

Personally I prefer UA/Corr. I can see/hear the 1.5 second cast time of UA and use that to tell me when to hit Corruption.

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5 thoughts on “UA/Corr or Corr/UA

  1. One of those lovely things that really change depending on what you’re doing at the time.

    If I am doing solo PVE (questing / dailies) I tend to start off with a UA simply because it has a casting time and is one of the few dots that do. I don’t want to draw aggro with a cor and then try to squeeze in a UA but the other way around is no problem.

    Generally while instancing I tend to stick with the instant cast dots and not use UA much until the boss because trash has a nasty habit of dying before your dots finish (wasted mana).

    In PVP however I use UA liberally regularly favoring it over Cor simply because of the damage it procs on dispel.

    The theorycraft becomes more interesting when you toss in all your dots in your spell rotation and specify encounters for them. Which is also considerably more time intesive 😉

  2. Just looking at the graphs you’ve done, corr/ua seems to be superior due to the fact that the end of the dots are staggered rather than stacked, so that you can refresh corruption and by the time the GCD is done, you can refresh ua.

    Malfeans last blog post..Name That Blog!

  3. You would think so.. but check this out:
    Stacked Casting
    You can start casting UA 1.5 seconds before it ends. That way it will reapply just as it falls off. Then you can reapply corruption. So with these two, there’s no need to stagger them.

  4. For added niceness, throw an immolate timeline just after the courruption GCD is finished.

    Synergy, I tells ya, synergy.

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