Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th all! I’d really like to have a post about loot rolls .. and bad luck.. but I’m just not able to get past the first sentence. So.. pretend you read something witty to that end.

Hunters, Macros

Macro: Hunter Pull Shot

Fiancee is helping another player with his hunter. I promised to repost his pulling macro. Here’s the macro I use for pulling something. Set this up in your macros with the “?” icon. #showtooltip Distracting Shot /clearfocus [target=focus,dead] /clearfocus [target=focus,noexists] /focus [target=focus,noexists] /cast [target=focus] Distracting Shot /stopcasting What it does: Show the distracting shot icon. If my focus is dead,…

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Macro: Healthstones

[Deprecated: with the 3.0.x patch, you can only carry one healthstone. So the macro is still useful.. just not as useful as it used to be.] The following macro will allow you to have a single button for multiple healthstones. If you have all three sizes, then clicking this once will use the biggest one. Then the second click (after…

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MaxDPS.com is full of poo!

Lilac is a mad cackling example of OP-ness! BUT everytime I’d look at maxdps.com for the affliction warlock I’d get depressed. Maxdps.com says I should be kicking around 1k dps.. and instead I’m -sometimes- hitting 750. What gives? Seriously.. I’ve been in a funk thinking I sucked. Then I started checking their numbers.


In the name of progress

Early last week Weaver added a “SSC trash run” to the calendar for Saturday. The plan was to round up whoever we could get and kill SSC trash so we could get a feel for it and hopefully get a few pattern drops. About 3 hours before the raid fiancee, our guild leader, approached the guild “Guardians of the Flame”…

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Not Wow.. but made me laugh

Zen of Design wrote this about Age of Conan. It made me laugh. It also made me glad I’m not playing AoC.. I’m now even less tempted to try it than before.


Irony (it made me laugh)

I was reading at “Musings from an Angry Bansidhe” and she/he did a sig for Ratshag in his Dwork costume. And I got to thinking… October is just around the corner.. what would be funnier than Ratshag in his Dwork costume wearing an Orc mask? Ok.. I guess you just had to be there.

Macros, Warlocks

Need more RAGE^H^H^H^HMacros

So I’ve got this macro problem.. you might call it an addiction.. but that’s only if you look at it from the outside where it looks all obsessive and weird. From the insider (my view) it looks perfectly normal. Anyway.. Lilac has run out of macro slots. I know, hard to imagine.. but every single slot for a macro for…

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Addon: Mendeleev

This is another addon that I think should be built into the default UI. It’s not quite Tier 1 (I can’t live without it) but it definitely falls into Tier 2 (Life is way easier with this). Mendeleev (named for the inventor of the periodic table)(which is interesting.. but makes the name hard to remember as I don’t see how…

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