With the fishies

On Tuesday Joe, of Shadow Warlords, logged into our vent to ask if anyone was interested in an SSC run. Of course I said I was. He asked if Tatia my holy Pally could come. Sure! I think this may have been my first time in SSC as a healer.

First on the agenda was Hydros. Joe explained the fight.. and luckily I’d watched BRK’s movie so I found it to be a breeze. Heal, heal, heal, cross the line, heal, heal, heal. One shotted.

Next we went and smooshed the big fish. I was leery of this fight because I’d had -so- much problem getting out of the water on Lilac(gnome warlock). I don’t know if it’s something to do with the Draenei height.. or if I just picked the right place on the island this time. But it was a breeze on Tatia. One shotted.

Finally we went on to smoosh Tidewalker. This was a total breeze. The only hiccough is that I think I got Watery Graved like 6 times. Regardless, one shotted.

At the end of the night a glance at heal meters shows that Tatia was at like #6/7 for the volume of heals she’d thrown (like 2nd or 3rd from the bottom). She was also the lowest for overhealing. Now.. I don’t think I was skimping on my job.. but I do think there may have been too many healers. A lot of the time on trash my grid would show that someone was going to be healed for 8-11k when they only had like 1k of damage. It just looked like a 4+ healers were all hitting the same heal target with ~2k heals all at the same time (and those were only the ones using Grid or had LibHealComm-3 installed). In trash fights, most of the time I would cancel my heal and ended up doing a lot of cleansing. In boss fights.. I think I lost one person. Odisia, the mage, was AOEing the murloc packs.. and he pulled aggro and died before I could get my second heal onto him.

Fiancee had a similar issue. I think he came in at #8 or #9 on the DPS charts. Two or three months ago, when we were regularly raiding Gruul’s with Shadow Warlords Fiancee would reguarly come in at #2 or #3.

It’s great to see that they’ve progressed.. I just wish we could do the same.

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