Like a string on my finger

String ReminderYesterday we went into ZA. We did the Bear Boss and the Eagle boss. No problems. We didn’t one-shot them but the kills were fairly clean. No loot for Lilac from those fights.

The more I use Power Auras, the more I like it.. and the more I wish it had more settings to fiddle with.

Just before we started I fiddled with my Power Auras and added a new aura. When I am fighting and I’m at 100% health, show “some random symbol” big and in green on the screen.

The thought is that seeing the symbol will remind me to life tap once. This will drop my health a little.. but not enough to trigger the healers(hopefully). On boss fights I almost always have siphon life up.. and 90% of the time the ticks from SL are wasted because I’m at full health.

I definitely need to chat with the guild healers.. and let them know that I -plan- to be a little bit hurt all the time.. so they don’t freak out about keeping me 100% topped off. I mean I appreciate the heals.. but I don’t want them getting annoyed with me.. or healing me when really the tank needs attention.

Also I think I want to add an aura that shows when my imp is at 100% full mana.. to remind me to dark pact.

The aura did seem to do its job. I never felt like I came close to running out of mana.. and this kept my mana up throughout the fight.. instead of having to stop dps and tap/dark pact all at once.

I’m still mulling it over.

2 thoughts on “Like a string on my finger

  1. Life tap is a fun little ability. When I fiddled around with one of my friends’ lowbie warlock a few months ago, I found the joy that is life tap and not being able to run out of mana (given that it’s used responsibly).

    I kind of wish they would give hunters a bigger base mana pool.

    Loronars last blog post..Dare to Surpass Casual

  2. Not remembering to use life tap and dark pact is the biggest reason I ever start to get low on mana.

    It’s an interesting idea to use auras to tell you to life tap and dark pact. I may have to try that. 🙂

    kikidass last blog post..Mini-Rant and Other Things

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