How to annoy all the other healers (without even realizing it)

Thed at the top is hurt ~2.7k health.  Person on the bottom is hurt ~1.8k and has a 2.5k heal incoming.I use Grid. I’m what you might call a Grid Zealot. I think it’s the greatest addon EVER for healing (or even for non healers to keep their screens decluttered in 10-25 man raids). Unfortunately not everyone is a convert.

It’s come to my attention that alot of other healers use healbot. That’s fine. It’s their UI they can do whatever they want (heathens).. but this also leads to a little bit of a problem. You see Grid and HealBot don’t really talk to each other. Or rather.. Healbot doesn’t really talk to Grid.

Let’s say you’re in a raid with five healers two of the healers use Grid, two of the healers use Healbot and one is old school uses the default UI.

Situation A:
Healer with Grid #1 (HG1) casts a direct heal with a cast time on someone in the raid.
Healer with Grid #2 (HG2), Healer with Healbot #1(HH1) and Healer with Healbot #2(HH2) all see the incoming heal on that person in the raid so they probably won’t start a heal on that person.
Healer with Default UI (Luddite) doesn’t see the heal incoming. If they’re on raid heals or over zealous they may also start a heal on that person in the raid.

Since HG1 started her heal first there’s a high chance that most/all of Luddite’s heal will be overheal. This is annoying.. but it’s Luddite’s own fault.

The solution to Situation A is for Luddite to download/install/use some sort of healing UI so that he can see the heals from the other healers.

Situation B:
HH1 casts a direct heal with a cast time on someone in the raid.
HH2 sees an incoming heal on that person in the raid and knows HH2 doesn’t have to cast a heal.
HG1, HG2 and Luddite don’t see the incoming heal. If they’re on raid heals or over zealous they may also start a heal on that person in the raid.

Since HH1 started her heal first there’s a high chance that most/all of HG1, HG2 and Luddite’s heal will be over heal. Very annoying.

Grid uses “LibHealComm-3.0” to communicate heal casts between Grid (and other LibHealComm-3.0 enabled apps). That’s also the library used by most other wowace mods (Pitbull etc).
Healbot uses a proprietary language to communicate between HealBots and can listen to “LibHealComm-3.0” but will not speak “LibHealComm-3.0”.

The solution to Situation B is for the HealBot user to download/install the “LibHealComm-3.0” Libraries from Wowace. Just installng them will allow your heals to be “heard” by Grid Users.

So even if Luddite refuses to use a Healing UI… at least by installing “LibHealComm-3.0” he will allow other healers to see his heal casts so they don’t end up overhealing.

Listens to All Talks to All
Grid X X
Healbot X
default UI

Situation C:
HH1(or HG1) casts a heal over time (HOT) on someone in the raid.
I really don’t know what healbot shows.. I don’t use it. So I’m not sure what HH2 would do.
I do know that by default Grid shows nothing.
HG1, HG2 and Luddite have -no- idea that there are HOTs ticking away on that person in the raid.. so there’s a high probability that they will cast a direct heal on that person thus forcing all of the HOT into overheal.

This just pisses HH1 off. She had been happily putting up rolling lifeblooms.. and all the other healers are overwriting them.. this pushes her to the bottom of the list for total heals done.. and to the top of the list for overheals.. and JUST PISSES HER OFF.

Grid Config Heals The solution to Situation C is a little bit more complex.. and (to me) not as satisfying as the first two solutions.

The picture at the very top of this post is a closeup of my Grid. The top person “Thed” is hurt for about 2.7k. The bottom person (who I know is Urd even though I can’t see his name) is hurt for about 1.8k and has a about 2.5k heal incoming. By default when LibHealComm-3.0 can see an incoming heal it will put a green dot in the bottom left hand corner of grid.. and write the estimated amount on Grid.

I updated my grid settings and added grid “auras” for Lifebloom, Renew, Rejuvenation, Regrowth, Renew and Mend Pet. Then I set all of these new dots to show up in the bottom left-hand corner of Grid. So I’ll at least be able to see that my potential heal target has some kind of HOT on them before I overwrite it with a direct heal. I won’t be able to judge the size of the heals (though I probably could colorize the dot intelligently if I knew anything about priest/druid/shaman HOT sizes). It’s not a perfect solution.. but it’s better than nothing and may just prevent HH1 from getting PISSED OFF.

Situation D:
HH1 turns out to be a shaman and casts .. the lightning bolt heal .
Again, not sure what HH2 sees..
But I know HG1, HG2 and Luddite don’t see anyting.

The Lightning bolt doesn’t give its target a hot buff.. so I just can’t “see” it.

At this time there’s no solution for Situation D. It looks like, at this time, LibHealComm-3.0 doesn’t register for the lightning bolt. That’s unfortunate.. and I hope they get that updated. I don’t know if there are other heals that don’t register this way. I haven’t extensively tested it.

A little bit of overheal is ok.. but bashing your way around the healers and forcing them into overheal for no good reason is just bad form.

If you’re going to heal in a raid you should run either Grid or download/install the stand alone version of LibHealComm-3.0.

If you’re running Grid, update your settings so that you are aware of the healers around you .. and can respect their HOTs.

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13 thoughts on “How to annoy all the other healers (without even realizing it)

  1. A very useful post. This has made me determined to have another look at Grid, which had me banging my head on the desk in frustration the first time I tried it!

    Hulans last blog post..Aaaaaaagh!

  2. Actually overwriting hots, while insanely annoying (I raided SSC with 3 holy pallies in my raid – been there, made them eat the t-shirt), will do absolutely nothing over your overhealing. HoTs *cannot* overheal. They only tick when there’s damage done. Which is actually even worse if you have one of those healing meter devotees in your raid (or even worse: as an officer) as they’ll assume you just heal less (low healing + low overhealing = bad healer of course ;-).

    Another topic you might want to touch on though are healing plans. Standing the chance that 5 people will heal the same person simply won’t cut it anymore once you get a bit higher up in the endgame business. You need clear cut healing plans, both for trash and bosses. Healers x + y on MT’s & group healing for trash for example, and very clearly defined assignments during boss fights. It’ll greatly improve your healing performance and reduce the risk of accidental deaths – faster trash, faster&cleaner kills, less corpse running, more clearing/night. And all it needs is 2 minutes of organising prior to raid start or a boss fight.

  3. I agree with Ithilien, organization and healing assignments are the key factor. They are even more necessary in T6 and T6+ content, where preemptive healing is widely required.

    However, Grid and its estimated incoming heal are very useful. I recommend to raise refresh priority of health status to 99, to slightly increase the refresh rate of health deficit. It’s amazing how that setting can contribute to increase effective heals.

  4. Don’t you hate that? You’re on raid heals and the other healers have specific assignments. And yet your targets are always getting flash healed by the paladin who should be on the MT or the other priest who should be on the OT.

    Makes me cry.

    Kikidass last blog post..Mini-Rant and Other Things

  5. Here via

    I fully appreciate how much people LOVE grid. I’m also certain that you’ll think I’m stark raving mad that I don’t use it. Yeah, I play a holy priest. Been CoH style since we got into BT. I’ve tried Grid and Clique, but it just felt awkward. I’m very happy with my xperl raid frames for seeing incoming damage, who has aggro on the boss, and what debuffs people have. My overheal is usually around 40% depending on the fight.

    Our healing team is really good about assignments. If you have extra mana in your budget for the fight, then you cross heal as you like, otherwise we have all the targets covered. Thus we don’t run into the 5 healers jumping on one person to the detriment of the rest of the raid.

    I guess my point is, as long as the healers isn’t going oom, and is keeping up % wise on WWS reports with the rest of their class of healers/assignment, then why consider those healers less prepared? I should give Grid/Clique another chance, but… I dunno, the only fight where mana/healing is desperate at times is Illidari Council and Brutalis, but the first is just crazy times, and we’re still learning Brut.

    Great blog though, glad I took the link over.

  6. The situations above with 5 healers jumping on the same heal target is extreme. I wanted to show how the two main heal UIs (Grid, Healbot) would show the situation.

    The genesis of this post came from a raid where I helped heal.. and we didn’t have heal targets for the trash pulls.. and I would often -see- two other healers start heals on my heal target.. and that wasn’t even considering the HoTs I clobbered.. or the healers using Healbot that I couldn’t see.

    I didn’t vastly overheal on that raid.. but I did feel that alot of my mana was needlessly wasted.

    Heal assignments are another good solution.. but at least being able to see my fellow healers would reassure me that “person B who is hurt” is getting some attention.

  7. True, Grid and Healbot would show quite different things.

    Hmm, though regarding healing assignments on trash, when I’m doing assignments, I error on the side of caution and do trash assignements even. Pallies get tanks, while druid and shammies get raid. I’ll stick priests on tanks or keeping dps up (bubble and flashses on mages and warlocks helps a lot on those Murloc packs). Once again, then you don’t end up with 5 people jumping on Mage A, while Warlock B goes down.

    Also, who cares about mana efficiency on trash, unless its a really long pull and 1/2 the raid is dead, or if you’re chain pulling to get through the hallways faster.

    Thirdly, clobbering HoTs is also ok. It’s the ticks in between that count. Tidewalker is a prime example of a tank who does a whole lot of damage in a very short amount of time. When we first started learning him, the tank would be fine, and then Fwoom dead. So we stuck 2 resto druids on him, and solved the problem. With 6 stacks of LB and rejuvs and priest renews, there were enough heals incoming to keep up with the damage. = )

    Sorry, not trying to refute your point, just that healing assignments and mana bugeting are more important imho than worrying about overhealing and canceling someone else’s heals. IF, the big if, your healers aren’t going oom. If so, then find a new UI ala Grid and communicating better re: heals would be extremely good ideas.

  8. AWESOME. I know I get overhealed a LOT. I know I overheal DOTs a LOT. But I can’t tell that till as I cast, I see the target healthy again. And I use Grid. I bet I’m the only one in my raid who does. ๐Ÿ™

    Going to strongly recommend every healer get this. Today.

    Thanks, Nibuca!

  9. @ Natty – tried using grid + mouseover macros?

    I’m currently using a mix of:
    – 4-5 macros, dedicated to our MT’s (5 of them so that I don’t have to edit them everytime one of them gets swapped out – I’m lazy, sue me) which basically cast lifebloom, rejuv and regrowth (depending on modifiers shift/alt) and fire my essence of the martyr (I keep getting outrolled on better trinkets >.<)
    – mouseover macros for lb, rejuv, regrowth, swiftmend and NS/HT for raid healing which usually means dropping rejuvs left, right and center. Your typical mouseover macro would be something like
    /cast [target=mouseover][] spellname
    – clique for buffing, decursing/abolish poison, and rebirthing.

    I found clique+grid for general MT healing to be too laggy to keep up 5 stacks of lifebloom (loads of haste ftw :P), plus it reminded me too much of healbot which I hate with a passion ^^

    As for healing assignments on trash – usually never do them except on the trash between the Twins in SWP and M’uru when you have locks tanking, or the Gauntlet up to the Twins which can be quite long/mana consuming so you want to optimize there.

    Ithiliens last blog post..Noobs/Newbs

  10. This is a great post. The healers in my raid have been talking about this lately- mosty healbot users, though it’s not my preferred either. I’m definitely going to reference this.

    I liked that you acknowledged HoTs exist. ๐Ÿ˜› Whatever UI you chose to use as a healer, there is no excuse- none- for not having a means of displaying other healers’ HoTs. Those are real heals that can save you time, energy, and mana- and save your druids (and priests) from shoving a mace through your skull after one too many overwrites. ^_^

  11. Responding to an old conversation – terrible thing! Yes, two years ago you had this really helpful chat. I’ve just read it and got some really useful stuff out of it since I am a new healer. Thanks! First thing I did when I finished reading it was download LibHealComm-3.0 because until I figure out Grid & Clique, or at least Grid, I’m still that darn Luddite old school interface healer – but working on fixing that before I move from instances to raids. Thanks for handy info. Currently using VisualHeal to prevent overhealing. I wonder if “real healers” use that addon? Seems pretty handy so far.

  12. @Aligamer
    AHHH blogpost-necro ๐Ÿ˜› After re-reading the above it’s still mostly true. That said.. I believe LibHealComm4 is the newest version.. and I believe the newest HealBot has that version built into it.

    Wrt visual heal.. I believe that functionality is built into Grid. I don’t use healbot so I’m not sure about that.

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