Guild First: Dragonhawk lord Jan’alai

Dragon Hawk BossWest Kingdom went into Zul’Aman and took down a new boss.

We were: Gongniu (Protection Warrior), Heimdal (Protection Paladin), Tatia (ME)(Holy Paladin), Ireena (Holy Priest), Khoss (Resto Shaman), Spiralla (Caster Shaman), Odisia (Mage), Wawepop (Mage), Bowsong (MM Hunter), and Sibiy (BM Hunter).

On Tuesday we went in an clear out the Bear and Eagle boss. Last night we cleared to the DragonHawk Boss and gave him a couple good attempts.

After many different tries we came out with a winning method.
– Kill one of the hatchers. Allow the other hatcher to open up all of the eggs on one side (then kill him off so he doesn’t hatch the other side). DPS will single target the hatched dragon hawks until the Pally tank declares that he has “enough” aggro. Then AOE the rest of the dragon hawks down.
– On the second set of hatchers, do the same thing with the other side of dragon hawks.
– Then kill the boss.

I think in all the fight took us ~6 mins once we engaged the boss.

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  1. Gratz.

    Thats the boss our guild is working on. But since i really havent logged in much to Tank anything not sure just what boss we are on exactly.

    Anyway I remembered our last attempt from over a week ago or so had lots of trash getting there. Just wondering how your guild handled all the trash and especially the trash area with all the dragonhawk the eggs with the scouts. Looked like a bird hachery area.

    Galohearts last blog post..Possible WotLK Paladin Talent Calculator

  2. Yes, there’s lot of trash.

    pull 1: 1 stationary scout. Stun him quick and kill him before he can get to a drum.
    pull 2: 1 scout, 3 others.. some can’t be CCd, some dispell CC on others.
    Kill the scout before he can get to a drum. Pally tank hold the other three (if they’re not sheeped) and we single target them down.
    – watch out for the hidden group of 3 on the right. Just stay left and you can skip them.-
    Pull 3: 1 wandering scout. Stun/kill before drums. (if you time it right you can skip this scout.. but that’s dangerous as he comes really close to where you’re going to do the next ~3 pulls… so better to kill him)
    Pull 4: 1 scout, 1 trainer and dragonhawks. Stun/Kill scout. Pally tank grabs trainer and dragonhawks. Make sure caster DPS doesn’t stand directly behind the tank as the dragonhawks breath lots of fire. AOE the dragon hawks then kill the trainer.
    – Watch out for wandering scout. He comes from the hatcher room and circles around to his right –
    Pull 5: we’ve been waiting for the scout mentioned above. It’s usually better to wait for him than to have him accidentally aggro and get to drums.
    Pull 6: Trainer and dragonhawks that wander from hatcher room to fork-in-the-road. Pally tanks all, AOE hawks then kill trainer.
    Pull 7-8: Two single pulls from hatcher room. YOu can get them individually and then kill them.
    Pull 9: Trainer and LOTS of dragonhawks. AOE dragonhawks and then kill trainer.
    – Watch out for scout that comes fromt he back of the hatcher room. –

    Run to the back of the hatcher room and hug the right-hand wall until you see the stairs. If you stay int he middle of the stairs you can avoid the 4-pack on the right (at the bottom of the stairs).
    Pull 10: 4-pack at the bottom of the 2nd set of stairs leading up to the boss. This is the hardest pull. We had pally try to tank them all just where they were standing. I think we kill the fire-breathers first. Keep ranged DPS -way- back to stay away from the fire-breathers damage. Individually dps them down.

    Then you’re at the boss.

  3. Congrats!!!!

    Using nearly the exact same strategy, my team also got our first Jan’alai kill this week.

    ZA is so much fun, I can’t wait to get back in there and try him out again.

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