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The GrindI really enjoy the podcast WowCast by Alachia. It’s unfortunate she doesn’t put out more of them. They are different from the “normal” podcast in that she examines and discusses topic about Wow as a social medium not just Wow news.

In her last show though she had one comment that caught me off guard. She said:

…I find a lot of happiness in Wow that is why I’m still playing the game. Although I do have my doubts about the Wrath of the Lich King. I will not lie. I am kind of one of those people you read about in the forums who’s just like “I don’t know if I can do this again”. Another set of level grinding, the whole who are we going to party with up to level 80, who’s going to be in the 10 mans instance with us, are we going to progress to the 25-mans…

Why is “leveling” considered a grind? Why can’t it be considered fun? Is grinding reputation or honor -more- fun than leveling?

-I- don’t think so. Aside from the fact that I haven’t yet done everything I wanted to do in BC.. I’m really looking forward to Wrath. And I don’t just mean the new endgame. I’m looking forward to new play styles, seeing the new areas, experiencing the new quests, learning about the new storylines. I’m also looking forward to the new dungeons and raids. But that’s not my -only- reason for buying the expansion. I enjoy the game in it’s entirety. Not just the last little bit.

I don’t want to rush those next 10 levels just to get to the next plateau. I want to savor the whole experience. Am I the exception?

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  1. I don’t think you’re the exception either, Nib 🙂 I don’t know that I’m going to really stop and smell the roses the first time I’m levelling through, with my main – I do need to get to the endgame content fairly quickly, for the sake of my guild. However, I don’t view levelling as a chore – certainly not levelling through brand new, totally fresh content!

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  2. I love the ‘grind’ – mainly because I never grind anything. I quest for it mainly. Rep grinds, I make my own quest in my head so I don’t get bored killing endless ogres in Nagrand. 🙂

    For me, doing a quest 9 times, as a different class each time, is rewarding enough to do it. It’s a challenge. How it differs, the strategy a holy priest requires to do a quest versus a rogue versus a protection warrior, versus, etc.

    So, you aren’t the only one. I will say that I don’t MIND the XP boost, because at times you clear a zone of quests and aren’t high enough to do the next zone’s quests, but have no more quests you can complete… really sucks. 🙂

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  3. Most things can be made fun or made to do with some element of fun in mind to not make it seem so mundane, its all perspective in how people look at the things they do.

    Sometimes I may not always think i’m going to enjoy doing something. But if I’m going to do something, I know I can make it fun. I know for sure I can make it fun where its not so mundane or dull to do.

    Im Wrath Im going to enjoy it. I’m a Explorer at heart. I take time to do quests and really enjoy doing them the first few times at least.

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  4. The reason its a grind is because its not what you want to do, if you enjoy it then its not a grind, my first characters getting to 60, then 70 took ages, I wasn’t worried about levelling fast, the second time I did it I got bored because I had done it all and reached 70, there wasn’t enough difference to keep me interested really. I have several level 30ish alts who I can’t level because I can’t play them for long enough without thinking I could be running a raid or instance instead, things I do find fun.

    Reaching 70 is like a new game really, the gear my character has compared to a fresh level 70 is amazing, alone I probably have +7k health, +300 spell damage, +5000 armour… stuff that makes only a little difference while levelling, but is key to end game tanking and playing. In short the game changed at 70 to one I prefer, I managed to completely skip every instance in outland while levelling yet at 70 I ran them all a lot for gear, and then in heroic as soon as I could.

    Its only a grind if it doesn’t appeal to you, I enjoy some pvp, proper alterac valleys, or the huge pileup of 80 characters fighting in the pass, but small group pvp just annoys me because tanks don’t do it well, and my lock (not pvp geared) gets immediately jumped on and killed. Its something I have to consider a grind because there doesn’t seem to be a fun way to do it till you get the pvp gear.

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  5. My favourite part of the game is the leveling, so yes… I am looking forward to taking Softthistle through Northrend. Exploring new areas, new quests, a whole new page so to speak!

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  6. You do have a good point, but I can also see Alachia’s point as well. Leveling through those 10 levels will probably be great fun the first and 2nd time, but if you have 4+ 70’s it probably will feel like a grind to get them all to 80. I have a resto shaman that I will probably eventually level, though I don’t look forward to it. The only reason that I even level her is for her herbing and alchemy.

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  7. I’m a heavy Explorer. If the Bartle test allowed it, I’d be a pure 200%.

    To me, the “endgame” is a grind. Sure, it’s interesting for a while, but it’s the same thing, over and over. At least if I’m mucking about in the world, questing, I get to poke my nose in new places as I go.

  8. You’re absolutely right! Leveling doesn’t have to be a grind. It’s all about how you approach wow and what type of game it is for you. My dear friend Jeppy LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES to level. He loves EVERY single thing about leveling and he has like a 100 toons he just levels up. In fact, he’s starting another set of druid toons just this week! For me, I used to love leveling. I had six level 70 toons in TBC and it was those really, really quiet moments while soloing and listening to an audio book or music that just really made me feel amazing.

    The Northrend quests were done very well too. I loved leveling to 80 and didn’t want the adventures of leveling to stop to be honest. But for now, I have a hard time finding enjoyment in it. I see it as a grind. I don’t find the fun in it that I once used to. I just don’t care to do what some stinking NPC tells me to anymore! lol. I wish questing was more dynamic. Maybe they’ll change it up for CATA. Here’s hoping.

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