Kara FTW

West Kingdom headed into Kara. For most of the run we were:
Gongniu (Prot Warrior), Mugruith (Resto Druid), Khoss (Resto Shaman), Lilac (ME)(Affliction Warlock), Wawepop (Mage), Lashala (Shadow Priest), Nassar (Shadow Priest), Ynit (Destruction Warlock), Shenzon (Rogue), Azaria (Melee Shaman)

We did have a little bit of musical toons though:
Azaria swapped out for Gaileth (Prot Warrior) for Moroes so we could have a second tank for the adds. Then Gaileth was swapped out for Seanarra (Holy Paladin) for the Maiden fight (both so we could have a Pally for that fight and to give Seanarra a chance to pick up the mace).
Khoss disconnected and Zynnia (Holy Priest) Kindly stepped in for Moroes and Maiden while he was getting that worked out.
After Curator Optimage (Mage) and Stiletta (Rogue) swapped in for Shenzon and Azaria who had to leave for the evening.


In just a little over four hours we killed everything from Attuman to Shade including Nightbane. This is surprising for two reasons:

1. I think this is the furthest we’ve ever gotten in a single night. We started at ~7:45 and were done by midnight.
2. Our run included 3 of our new recruits. Not that I expected them to be bad.. but I’m just surprised it went so well since some of them were unfamiliar with our instancing style.

We ended up sharding more stuff than I would have liked, but we did still have several people who picked up on and off-spec pieces.

We did have a couple of deaths in the run.. but no wipes.

We’ve gotten spoiled since we’ve been running with Heimdal as one of our tanks. A pally tank makes AOE pulls so much easier. We’d forgotten how different it was when a warrior was tanking the big pulls. We lost quite a few AOEers to run-away aggro. Lilac included (/embarassed) Not enough to wipe.. but enough to remind us of how nice Pally tanking is.

For opera we got Oz. We managed to do it with a single tank. Ynit had never seen that opera. He did a fantastic job keeping Roar feared. Wawepop had a couple of resists and then got smashed by Strawman. I tried to start to use Immolate and Searing Pain on Strawman but I was a little bit to slow on one of them and he smashed Lilac flat. Khoss, the resto shaman, picked him up and kept Strawman occupied with Flame Shocks. Everyone just did a fantastic job.

When we were doing Nightbane and Nightbane was at 25%, Gongniu got -SMASHED- I don’t know what it was exactly but the healers said he went from “green” to “dead”. Since we were so close we just toggled up and got Nightbane to fly. Then Mugruith used his combat rez and got Gongniu back up. We did end up losing a few DPSers to skeletons but we managed to get Nightbane down.

We’re planning to go back in there tonight and finish it up. Chess, Prince, and Netherspite. Booya!

2 thoughts on “Kara FTW

  1. I had an interesting week in Kara. We had our long lost Shadow priest return, which is a class (and person) our guild has been sorely lacking. Tanks were a bear and a warrior OT, healers were a Holy pally (me), resto druid and holy priest. ‘Couple of locks, a new mage, a fury warrior. After Moroes our offtank had to run. I’m a holy pally, but I got to offtank as needed pretty much the rest of the run in my prot gear while still holy speced. This was including the ice block pulls before Opera, Romulo, the big arcane guys before Curator, and red beam on Netherspite. We had the fury warrior grab the little guy on Illhoof, since we needed the big heals for that fight. It was cool to see we could handle pretty much the whole place without a second real tank. I definately could have grabbed Midnight. We would have been feeling the loss of the third healer on Moroes, but with two priest shackles we likely could have handled that too.

  2. I’m amazed at how much of Kara you really can do with a single tank. Moroes and R&J are the only two places I can think of where a second tank is required. Assuming you somewhat outgear the place. Our toons have almost everything they want out of Kara.

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