Well duh, you’re a warlock.

Lilac ActionLast night we finished off Kara. Not hard considering the only things left standing were Chess, Prince, Netherspite.

I’ve decided I hate Netherspite less when I’m not in the red beam.

We wiped once on Prince (bad infernal placements as always) and on the second attempt I got locked in the hallway (DOH!). The tank asked “Is everyone ready?” I said “I’m just eating my spell food” (I had 2 more sec’s until the buff) and then he pulled.. without realizing I was still eating in the hallway.. on the -other- side of the door.

There’s no way to get through the door. Believe me, I tried. I couldn’t even get Kilrogg’s eye to appear on the other side. I did get enfeebled.. and at the end I was attacked by the flying axes (which I survived without any heals thank you very much )(but it was a very close thing). Add to that, (I love my guild!!) they let me roll on the uber-cloak Prince dropped (which I won). So Lilac finally got an upgrade out of Kara.

After Kara I looked into getting my new cloak enchanted.. but found I was short 4 primal shadow. A guildie suggested farming the voidies that are all around the big Oshugun crystal.

I flew out there and started farming. Send pet on one.. CotE, Corr, SB until it died. I did that for a while.. but I got bored. Single target killing was just slow.. and they weren’t dropping my motes very fast. After about 30 mins I had enough motes for 1 primal. Gah! Bored now.. too slow.. so I wondered if I could kill two mobs at once.

Send pet to #1, CoA, SL, Corr, Attack #2, CoA, SL, Corr, turn back to #1 start casting a SB. Mob #1 dies before I could get the first SB off. Turn to #2 start casting a SB. Mob #2 dies before I could get the first SB off. INTERESTING. I contemplated this for a little bit. Hmm.. What if I tried three.

Same sequence CoA, SL, Corr, change mobs.

I found that I could do this up to about 5 mobs.. before I had to turn around and head back because they were all dying and I hated having to spend so much time running back to pick up loot (Pally AOE is so much more convenient.. they all die at your feet…). After dotting 5 mobs.. and having them all die.. I’d tap to full mana, use one bandage to get to full health and then start dotting the next 5 mobs. I could have done more.. but I’d lose count and had loot spread out half way around the big crystal.

At one point I was dotting so many so fast that my pet, which I’d sent after mob #1, despawned (and gave me back his soul shard) because I got to far away from him.

and OMG!!! that was -so- much fun! That’s right, I reminded myself, I’m overpowered {Cackly laughter of overpoweredness}

In 30 mins I’d gotten the last 3 of my primals. I’m totally stoked.

I’m pretty sure Primal Shadow just became my cash cow.

8 thoughts on “Well duh, you’re a warlock.

  1. This is why my rogue husband hates to farm with me. I once took a Pally, same thing… he just stood there and told me to do all the work. I told him to just keep me healed… he said something about being Ret. I asked “what you unlearn your healing spells?”. *grin*

    Howl of Terror is very useful in farming multiple mobs. I like playing the “Don’t touch me!” game. Seeing how many mobs I can juggle without having them hit me at all. It is a great way to practice your CC abilities.

    Hydras last blog post..Legend of the Seeker

  2. I’ve been waiting for that cloak for a while but my luck with Kara drops is so bad I’ve managed to get my T4’s from Gruul and Mag before getting anything signifigant from Kara.

    Just wondering if you use the doorway trick for Prince.

    We used to have the worst luck with infernals until we found that if you just stand on the gray stones in front of the door (but still inside =) where it still says Karazhan you almost never get an infernal drop anywhere near you. Occasionally the tank might get one to land on top of them but by just moving a few feet that’s handled pretty well. We occasionally do it the ‘old fashioned’ way, but for most of us we just want to try and get out of Kara ASAP. Plus it makes it so that we can take some of our lower level guildmates in since we’re not as worried about having to DPS Prince down too quickly.

  3. If I understand what you’re describing, we use the same placement for Prince.

    I just recently updated my gear list.. the only things I have left wanting from Kara are:
    Ritssyn’s Lost Pendant (dmg set) (Major upgrade)
    Brooch of Unquenchable Fury (hit set)(Sidegrade)
    Adornment of Stolen Souls (dmg)(Sidegrade)
    Shadow-Cloak of Dalaran (dmg) (Sidegrade)
    Tirisfal Wand of Ascendency (hit set) (Minor upgrade)

    I’m miffed that I saw the Shadow-Cloak drop last night.. but was in Kara on my Paladin as one of the healers.

  4. Everyone and their dog (including my Pally) has the Shadow cloak from Kara but whenever I’m there on my lock, it never drops.

    Just got the Tirisfal Wand on my last run but since the badge wand I was using had an extra 10 dmg I almost didn’t bother taking it. Luckily I did since after picking up the Orb of the Soul Eater my hit dropped just below cap so at least I have a way of maxing it out. Though I’m not certain +10 spell damage is worth giving up for the 3 points I need to cap affliction. I may just equip it on log outs to see how it impacts my Be.Imba score.

  5. Both of those wands are on my gear plan.. here’s the full entry:

    Carved Witch Doctor’s Stick (dmg) (3.56) (+1 socket, -1 sta +15 int -2 spellpower -11 spell crit strike rating) (Minor Upgrade) 25 badges

    Tirisfal Wand of Ascendency (hit) (4.84) (+1 sta +4 spellpower +4 spell hit rating) (Minor upgrade)

    The badge wand would be for my dmg set and is compared against the “Black Stalk”. The Tirisfal Wand would be for my hit set and is compared against the Voidfire wand (my highest +hit wand).

    Both for me fell in as “minor upgrades”. Only 2-3 dps added for either of the wands. If you already had 202 spell hit, it looks like the badge wand is the superior choice. If you you don’t have 202.. then the two are very very close.. with actually the badge wand edging the tirisfal wand out slightly.

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