Officially dual-boxing

Woot! I’m all cutting edge!

Major Shadow PowerOn Saturday I logged into both my account and fiancee’s account (I pay for both accounts) (fiancee is out of town and off computer until 8/15) and had his elixir spec’d Alchemist mix me up some Elixirs of Major Shadow Power. Booya!

Ok… so I did log into both accounts..and it was on the same PC.. but my poor PC really can’t handle it. It was stuttering and lagging horribly. I’m pretty sure I would only be able to do it if I ran Wow in minimal graphics mode with no addons.. and what fun would that be?

On the plus side, he did proc 10 additional elixirs for me 🙂

2 thoughts on “Officially dual-boxing

  1. Heya Lilac, love the blog and it actually got me back into raiding on my lock after 5-boxing a new group to 70.

    Read your post here about the dual-boxing and just wanted to give you a heads up that even though you pay for both accounts, you were technically account sharing and, while no-harm no foul, it’s not something you’d want to do too often since Blizz have a fairly zero-tolerance policy on it no matter the reason.

    We get a lot of people on the forums complaining about their accounts being banned for multiboxing and turns out most times it was due to account sharing so just wanted to add a lil comment as a warning for people if they do consider doing so, no matter how innocent their intentions.

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