On Sunday I was futzing around on my baby druid and as I left Stormwind I saw a comment in /trade that someone was putting together a Kara pug.

West Kingdom did Kara this week.. and it was totally cleared.. and there wasn’t any stirrings of setting up another Kara run.. so Tatia, my holy Pally, had no RaidId. Badges sounded like a good idea. Now normally I’m totally against pugs. They’re painful and usually full of more fail than I can handle.. but as part of our guild recruitment effort I’ve been doing more pugs. So I whispered the leader and got an invite.

Our group was: Blackdwarf (Pally MT), Spriteguy (Druid OT), Autum (Holy Priest), Dister (Holy Priest), Tatia (ME) (Holy Pally), Gunne (Hunter), Bornan (DPS Warrior), Demonhawk (DPS warrior), Cosmicpower (Mage), and Underrated (Dest Warlock).

It started off a little rickety. The DPS on Attuman’s trash was a lot slower than I’m used to. I was certain we’d never make it past Moroes. I was completely and utterly surprised. Not only did we make it past Moroes.. we in fact cleared everything except for Nightbane. Our first wipe was on trash after Curator (miscommunication where 1/2 the party was afk when the tank pulled). Then we had a couple wipes on Nightbane.

After the run I chatting with a couple of the people from the run about the possibility of becoming part of West Kingdom (they brought up the subject). One of them actually did join (the mage added both his mage and his warrior tank to WK). The other two I’m hoping to talk with soon.

Dister, the Holy priest, actually kicked my ass on the healing meter (though he was also really high in overheals). Add to that, he said he’s not using a healing UI. I’m absolutely floored. Aside from when I’m running T5/T6 content with Shadow Warlords it’s rare that I’m not at the top of the heal meter. He’s one of the people I’m hoping to talk to. He indicated he was interested but had to log off at the end of the run because it was so late.

After the Kara run I chatted for a while with Cosmicpower and then eventually turned him over to chat with Gongniu (since he was talking about bringing in a tanking Warrior and Gongniu is the Warrior class lead). In the meantime I got in invitation from Joebelcher of Shadow Warlords to help them in SSC. They spent a while working on Tidewalker. A bunch of unlucky “watery graves” led to a bunch of wipes.

At the end of the night Tatia had 22 shiny new badges to throw in her bank and West Kingdom gained a very well geared tank and (hopefully soon) a very good healer. I guess it was a good day to pug.

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