Just a quick “RAWR!”

Ran ZA last night. Not enough healers signed up/logged on so I ended up going on Tatia my Holy Pally. We made one timed chest and missed the second by only a few seconds. I’m confident we’ll start getting those soon. We downed the Lynx boss but had alot of problems with Dragonhawk (No pally for the adds). We called it with only 3 bosses down.

I picked up the [item]Chestguard of Hidden Purpose[/item]. I even had banked a bunch of heroic gems so I was able to gem it out and immediately wear it.

After the run Tatia went and did dailies on the Isle of QQ and dinged exalted on the very last turn in (don’t laugh.. I’ve been distracted). So she was -FINALLY- able to make the Redeemer’s Alchemist Stone.

The combination of the two of those put her unbuffed +healing at 1919. RAWR!

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