“You’re not.. like us.. are you…”

Square Peg, Round HoleRecruiting is going great!!! Recruiting sucks 🙁 We’ve gained tons new players just today. We lost another player. We’re up, we’re down. We only need 2 more healers to do 25-mans.. no, wait.. we need 4 *sigh* I’m emotionally drained from all the highs and lows.

I’ve been in West Kingdom for a year and a half. In that time we had exactly ZERO people quit the guild. Since we started recruiting we’ve lost 3 of the new recruits. We’ve only been recruiting for 2-3 weeks.

Sometimes it’s them. Sometimes it’s us. Sometimes it’s a long simmering desire they’ve had to give up Wow.. that didn’t actually express itself until after they’d joined our guild. Sometimes it’s the fact that they’ve been in the guild a WHOLE WEEK and we still haven’t run a 25-man(poor them). I’m feeling drained. I’m taking a vacation. Those two things aren’t exactly related.. I’ve planned to take this vacation since about January of this year.. the two things just happen to coincide.

Last night I happened to end up chatting with two of the new recruits (we were the only ones still on vent) and one recruit confided that his “account is up” and he was thinking of just letting it lapse until Wrath.. you know.. since this guild is never going to see the inside of SSC anyway. I’d been kicked in the balls earlier that night (two new recruits(brothers) quit because our “rules were too strict”. US? With strict rules? Have they met us?). So I didn’t exactly react the best way. …

I’m worried that my vacation will add another nail to the coffin.. and we’ll have even more recruits flee. *sigh* I’ve decided to not care. I’m frustrated that I’m the only person posting on our forums.. or the realm forums.. and I’m tired of being a one woman show. I’m going on vacation. When I get back I’ll worry about what we have, what we need.. and how to get from A to B.

I’m planning to get into SSC before Wrath. Even if it means pulling people in from other guilds and getting the damn primals and what-not for Hydros armor all by my freaking self, we will see the inside of SSC.

In other news.. Blizzard announced that Wrath will come out “Between October and December”. I’m still betting it’ll be the week of Nov 15. Yeah.. I don’t expect that news to liven up the recruiting scene any either. *sigh*

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  1. Have a Nice holiday , and dont worry about recruitment its also on other realms same problem, to find good trustworthy actually know what they are doing and no epic hungry without moving a finger what does this button do players ^^

    *my first comment here 😛 took a rss feed on your blog while back enjoy reading it

    SaintOneNL , Doomhammer-Eu , Holland

  2. Oh, my, do I ever know where you are coming from! Our frustration is on kara and getting from there to 25 man content, but between poachers and people that just don’t get it, I could drive a railroad spike through a concrete block with the force of my frustration alone, if it were possible to manifest!

    Have a nice vacation and hope to see you on the flip side 🙂

    grimmtooths last blog post..[Jasra] Apropos of something: Healer Rules

  3. Your goal probably isn’t unrealistic at all. With Badge Gear alone, you guys probably should be able to take down Lurker. And then with some practice (and a fire resist warlock), you should be able to take down Leo. I skimmed your guys’ gear, and really… you should be able to do both. There’s a couple tanks that would really benefit from downing VR in TK (he’s pretty easy once you know the pulls). Of course, all of this requires 25 people, which seems to be the problem. 🙂

    If you ever want to chat about any of these pulls/fights/trash, let me know, and I’ll see what I can do to help you through them.

  4. We’ve been having a terrible time trying to recruit players for 25 mans too. Our solution was make an alliance with a similar equiped guild on our server so now we manage a weekly Gruul/Mag run with a bonus run into the Eye without much problem.

    Like everyone else, it seems hard to find the right type of new recruits to be able to build to a solid 25-35 person core. So many people just want to join a guild and get in on Kara clears first thing. We did that for a while but once we started getting more recruits we told them that basically we would prefer they work their way through on their own. One vet would run with them for fight advice and extra DPS/Healing/Tanking, but otherwise they would have to work their way up like the rest of us.

    Using those rules we managed to grab a few dedicated players but most would complain that they could ONLY manage to get to, and down, Curator on their first week and after a few more would take their epic gear and leave.

    I remember when we first started Kara in our heroic gear, downing Moroes in a week was a great accomplishment.

    The kids nowadays are just spoiled I tell ya (just a second, looks like someone is walking on my lawn).

    Anyways, things are looking up with the addition of 10 mans in WotLK.

    I just can’t imagine what it must have been like trying to for a 40 man raid. It makes my head hurt.

  5. I know, you got this new well geared play and she goes and quits again — it can be frustrating, but it not really bad. Like you said sometimes its them, sometimes its you but in any case they don’t fit with you. Its easiest when they quit. Its harder if they stay and you wish they quit, or you actually have to gkick them.

    We actually had gotten doing 25 mans, and there was a lot of enthusiasm for a couple of weeks, then drama ensued and we dropped back down to where we couldn’t do 25 mans, more people left… We were teetering on the verge of total guild failure. We decided that we had made some poor choices in the interests of getting to progression which led to some of the general discontent. Now we’re trying to get back up again, but we’ve got our core players still.

    OMFG I’m so glad there will be a 10 man progression path in WotLK. The current gulf between Kara (free badges) and ZA (repair bill farming) is way too wide. If there was even one ten man stepping stone between them we’d probably all have bear mounts by now.

  6. First off, enjoy the Holiday!
    but in reagrds to the frusteration,I know exactly what you mean in regards to recruiting, I have been in my guild for 2 years now i think, and we have a great core of people, but need to flesh it out so we can hit 25 mans Consistantly.

    I ran a poll on another forum Site I frequent (or Lurk).
    Here’s what it looked like:
    Status of your Server:
    The Summer slump + WotLK beta = Empty Raid slots
    51% [ 73 ]
    Kickin’ ass… & kickin’ ass!
    17% [ 25 ]
    Everyone worth playing with has switched to PVP
    4% [ 7 ]
    Dunno. Been playin’ a cross faction alt
    8% [ 12 ]
    No change: Same Raid / Different Day
    17% [ 25 ]

    Total Votes : 142

    You are not alone with your frusterations.
    And with What Bic said about 10 mans in WotLK… please thank the gods…


  7. oh, BTW.. the photo for the posting is so utterly perfect. Made my day some what.

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