So proud I could just split

With the new world order (ie West Kingdom recruiting) we decided we needed more.. administration 🙂 We named a Grand Council for helping to make/iron out the rules and Class Leads so that people know who to talk to for help with their toon. I got invited to the Grand Council and asked to be the Warlock class lead. I’m…

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Cookies and a show

ZA last night. Quick downing of bear and eagle (we would have had two chests but we had an unfortunate “taunt” during the bear fight that killed a tank and forced us to reset and try it again). At the beginning of the run “per usual” I set up a cookie jar. When the summon finished it “beamed in” the…

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OMG Patch Relief

[editing this to make it new for today’s patch, I have this problem almost every time.. and this fixes it.. so setting it as today’s date just in case anyone else is having this problem.] So, every time there’s a patch I have to log in 10-20 times before my computer “figures it out”. For the first 10-20 times I…

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Lilac, Warlocks

Emo Healing

So, for a lot of boss fights I, Lilac the affliction warlock, end up standing relatively close to the tanks (to make sure they get the imp buff). As a conscientious warlock I strive to be “just a little hurt” so that my mana pool stays up and the incoming health from my Siphon Life isn’t wasted. This means that…

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Coming to a podcast near you

Mystic Chicanery was mentioned on the “Twisted Nether” podcast. Specifically they discussed “How to annoy all the other healers (without even realizing it)“. I highly recommend you check it out. For the record: it’s Mystic Chicanery (shÄ­-kÄ?’nÉ™-rÄ“, chÄ­-) Listen to Chicanery


We want you!

For the first time -ever- West Kingdom (my guild) is recruiting. After a lot of soul searching, a little bit of grousing and a swift boot to the rear we’ve decided that we want to see end-game 25-person content. To that end we are recruiting and planning trial runs.


Like a string on my finger

Yesterday we went into ZA. We did the Bear Boss and the Eagle boss. No problems. We didn’t one-shot them but the kills were fairly clean. No loot for Lilac from those fights. The more I use Power Auras, the more I like it.. and the more I wish it had more settings to fiddle with.


With the fishies

On Tuesday Joe, of Shadow Warlords, logged into our vent to ask if anyone was interested in an SSC run. Of course I said I was. He asked if Tatia my holy Pally could come. Sure! I think this may have been my first time in SSC as a healer.