Beta Nightmare

SpamI have this recurring nightmare…

In my nightmare I find out that I received a beta key.. but it was “caught” by my spam filter and landed in my BULK folder and was subsequently flushed out the trashcan.

It’s starting to keep me up at night.. I’m obsessivley reading all of the topics in my BULK folder.. I never knew I “NEED Is BIG P3NlS”, had so many friends sending me greeting cards.. or that my dog’s claws needed so much trimming. It’s not getting rid of my nightmares but it sure is eye opening.

7 thoughts on “Beta Nightmare

  1. Back in the TBC beta, I salvaged my beta key from the junk folder, so this time I’m even more alerted – I keep scanning my junk and trash folders daily, and last week I almost paniked when I flushed my junk folder before looking for a beta key mail, let’s hope I didn’t accidentally delete it 😮

  2. Just be careful digging through your spam folder. I’ve been getting bogus emails about getting a beta key. They look good until you notice the address they’re linking you to “sign in”.

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  3. I’m a bit surprised at the frenzy to get a beta key (not specifically you to be fair, just generally online). I’m concerned about ‘using up’ the new content during the beta and then facing another 2 years without an expansion.

    Personally I’m trying to enjoy the summer (mostly) away from the game and am looking forward to some new WoW in the wintery months ahead when it gets a full release

  4. I actually did that for a while because my Spam folder is overflowing, and I’m afraid it would get lost. Every time I log in, I skim through the folder to make sure I didn’t miss an invite e-mail. It’s not there yet though, so I’m still holding out for that e-mail to come my way.

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  5. Been checking my spam folder everyday since I applied for the Beta.
    For some reason its not there… nor in my Normal inbox.
    I am sure its just a mix up @ Blizz that they will rectify soon………..

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