PVP impaired

Saturday night Lilac “discovered” Arathi Basin. It sucks. It makes us mad. It makes me want to pound things and throw them across the room. It makes me cuss. I made it through 3 of them before I gave it up, logged off and went to bed to fume about how freaking stupid it is to play a battleground where I get repeatedly camped into my freaking graveyard and how they can all just eat my freaking shorts!!!!

Sunday Lilac “discovered” Altarac Valley. It sucked less. It made me less mad. It did confuse me. There’s just too many darn things to do. The explanation of AV in one minute boils down to “run south, stop and kill Galv, then go to the south-most point and wait until someone says ‘all in’ then kill Drek”. But there seems to be a bunch of other things you -could- do in there.. that I’m not entirely sure you should do.. I mean.. all those towers on the way down.. is anyone supposed to capture them? I was told “don’t stop there and cature that graveyard ’cause it’ll cause a Turtle”. Ok.. Turtles bad.. what are turtles? I found AV lots less frustrating.

Why am I doing this?
– In order to do Mount Hyjal, specifically Winterchill everyone should have the PVP trinket to get out of snares (otherwise you get iceblocked and die). So both Lilac and Tatia each need 8k honor.
– The summer olympics seasonal event is offering a tabard and a chance at a non-combat pet when you win a battleground. I suspect that because the non-combat pet is a little chinese dragon.. that it will only be available this year.. and will never be available again. So if I want it.. (which I kind of do) then I need to PVP now, and get it before the 25th.

Between Saturday and Sunday Lilac got about 7k honor and the tabard. No pet yet but I’ll keep trying. Then I’ll do the same thing with Tatia. Wheee.

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  1. AV used to be much more fun, when it was longer. There are a bazillion things to do in there, but these days it’s either exactly what you said, or sometimes grab the towers. (You want the towers because each one makes an NPC guarding Drek despawn).

    I was never in one, but people say “way back when,” you could join an AV, leave, and come back 6 hours later to the same one. There were summoned elementals and air strikes and all sorts of huge battles on the Field of Strife. Not anymore, unfortunately.

    Oh, and the reason you don’t want to capture Frostwolf Graveyard before the Relief Hut, is that suddenly the horde will stop spawning at FW GY and start spawning at Relief Hut, which is where your offense is waiting to take down Drek.

  2. Brandon is right about Frostwolf Graveyard, but in my battlegroup that is rarely adhered too, what does get adhered to is not taking Iceblood graveyard until the relief hut is capped/assaulted.

    If someone takes Iceblood GY then /bg normally erupts with “what retard took IBGY?” and then lots of abuse being thrown back and forth!!

    He’s also right about the towers, they should all be taken and held till they burn.

    The tactic should go.

    1. Travel south
    2. Kill galv while some people go and cap Iceblood and Tower Point towers.
    3. The Galv lot then rush south and take the relief hut
    4. Then the frostwolf towers and graveyard
    5. It is then safe to take Iceblood Graveyard
    6. When all the towers have been destroyed Drek is on his own and is much easier to kill.

    Back in pre-TBC when AV could last 6 hours a good alliance team would all zerg the hut and then “pull” 1 warmaster out at a time to the mound outside the keep and kill it. This was a good alternative to taking the towers. There would be constant shouting of “Don’t Loot The Dogs” as it was supposed that they would respawn if looted. I don’t know if that was ever proved either way.

    I used to love these ones as they would generally only take as long as today’s tactics.

    In our battlegroup we could rarely get our tree out because nobody would protect the druids but there was frequently the big ice monster trampling everyone, that was cool!

    Anyway, back to your trinket. Save yourself a little pain on your paladin. If your raid leader will allow it then just get the 5 min cooldown one for much less honour, about 2.5K I think, because paladins can also “bubble” out of the iceblock. Mages can also iceblock and rogues can CloS

    HolyWarriors last blog post..Trial of the Naaru: Magtheridon

  3. Starting with bgs is often very frustrating. They’ve been in place for ages now, and a lot of people have been “farming” them for years.
    They sort of are in auto-mode and don’t even try to give any advices or strategies. And if you ask, you’ve always the risk of having a jerk tell you to get out of there “noob” …

    So I’d advise you a little bit of reading:
    this last one is old (from before the actual honor system)
    but the advices for warsong/arathi/alterac are still the same as in the old days.

    My advice is to try to find the “right hours” for your faction if you want to play warsong/arathi or eos.
    Alterac can sort be fun whatever the hour if you understand it a little more, especially as a warlock, spamming seeds of corruption is just too much fun and over-powered in this battleground on clustered areas (the bridge of Dun Baldar in defense when you’re alliance, the cims in attack at Iceblood and Frostwolf).

    Have fun, and try to find friends to play them with, it’s 300% more fun 🙂

  4. AV strategy on my battlegroup is basically the following:

    Groups 1-5 rush to the Frostwolf Relief Hut and take it. When it’s reasonably secure, most of this group should take the East and West Frostwolf Towers, with a few people hanging back and making sure a rogue doesn’t sneak in and re-cap RH.

    Groups 6-8 attack Galv. In truth, Galv can be 5-manned, but overkill isn’t bad. At any rate, once Galv is down, the groups split up; one group heads to Iceblood Tower, one to Tower Point, and one starts taking other graveyards on the south half of the map.

    In practice, there will be people who don’t go with their “assigned” group, and either rush RH when they’re in 6-8 or attack Galv in 1-5, or simply hang back and play defense. However, if you get roughly 3/5 of the people in each group to do what they’re supposed to, Alliance will tend to win, at least in my battlegroup. Honestly, it makes me think the map might still be unbalanced; Alliance in my battlegroup soundly loses most of the other battlegrounds.

  5. I miss the old BG days and I guess i’m not alone. IMHO biggest problem is that honour is a way to gear up easy (S2 is a nice start for almost any class). As it’s easy, i “has” to be fast.

    And indeed, fun went away because BG are now *too fast* :
    – EotS’ destiny is sealed in the first 2 minutes usually (when the first wave takes advantage or the towers) (or not) which usually sums up to which team has the most reactive starting fighters
    – AV is a mindless rush of NPCs, each old feature takes to long to trigger. All the time in the same direction, rush north, north north (i’m horde). It’s a place where doing PvP actally penalizes your team (middle fighters) towards the final win.
    – AB has kind of the same drawback as EotS, but fewer players & many more path give it a little random effect where lone players can “disturb” the score flow.
    – WSG. Ah Warsong. Good ol’ plain Everlasting Warsong. This is the only BG in which you’ll never know when it ends (rendering it very unefficient honor-farming wise), which was the exact same property as old-AV.

    Believe me, when something is about to last, and i do mean last *long*, only the ones who actually like it and wanna have fun are doing it ! Endless trials to cap (or recap !) flag, moving protection, hiding spots, all that in a tight, bilateral place, with few players (another fact that makes Wsg enjoyable : you could actually have a team feeling).

    Only drawback, usually Wsg is harder, as mistakes are lethal in both ways 🙂

  6. I am hoping that the new PVP area in WotLK will be that everlasting battle that AV used to be. Reminds me of some of the old Unreal Tournement matches back in high school way back when… but now just using wow…

    I just wish Wow would implement the Narrator from Unreal… “Head shot” would be fun on a Critcal hit kill or the like.. lol

    Come on.. you know you would love it.

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