Boo ya!

Last night my guild, West Kingdom, (sort of) hit a milestone. We had two groups in Karazhan simultaneously. Boo ya!

Unfortunately one of the groups fizzled out on Moroes (boo hiss) but the other group made it to Curator before calling it an evening.

The general consensus afterwards was that the Karazhan group that fizzled was mostly made of “new to the guild” folks who weren’t used to working together. We plan to seed the group with more veteran West Kingdom members on Friday and make another attempt on that raid ID.

We did actually pull one person from Guardians of the Flame (our guild alliance) and one from a friends list.. but at the end of the run the “friends list guy” joined our guild 🙂 and there are some.. interesting developments .. developing with Guardians of the Flame (more on that when I have more info).

But still.. we had 20 people in Karazhan AND didn’t have full membership online. BOO FREAKING YA!!

Add to that.. on Tuesday we fielded 24 people into Gruul’s Lair. We cleared the trash and made a couple of attempts on HKM but after the 4-5th attempt one of our healers had to go (putting us short on healing). Still.. another (sort of) milestone.

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  1. nice nice!

    It’s good to see progression in the months leading up to an expansion when guilds often struggle. I count myself lucky that we still have full raids and are still taking down new bosses every other week.

    Good luck with your next Gruuls run!

    Zupa =)

    zupas last blog post..Cold as Ice

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