HKM FightOk, now we have milesones!

Last night, for the first time -ever- West Kindgom formed up a group of -only- guildies and took down High King Maulgar (and cronies) AND GRUUL! Of the 25 raiders, 10 were new recruits.


HKM DeadAttempt 1: got down all the cronies but main tank got smashed on HKM so we had to run out.
Attempt 1.5: Weaver (holy priest) face pulled while trying to rez someone from Attempt 1.
Attempt 2: Mage tank got smashed. Had an unlucky couple of crits.
Attempt 2.5: Gongniu (main tank) face pulled while trying to show rezzers how close they could get without face pulling. (hehe)
Attempt 3: Everything went off beautifully. Dead boss. Phat loots divided and photos taken.

HKM Damage A little bit of E-peen. Those dogs do -really- good damage. After HKM was down Recount showed Lilac as #1 DPS at over 1kDPS. Really it was Lilac+fel hound with Lilac probably sitting at around 650 dps. WWS showed Lilac’s dps only.

Gruul DeadWe then went on to Gruul. I figured we’d have at least one fight while learning the mechanics since we had several people who’d never seen the Gruul’s fight before. Instead we one shot him. Go us! Phat loots divided and photos taken.

3 thoughts on “MILESTONES!

  1. Grats on your guild’s first 25 man kill. I’ve been reading you a lot lately with great interest because I think I am so close to getting my guild to the exact same place 🙂

  2. WOOT everyone did a great job that night. Just for the record, I was the only one that died while trying to rez, I advised the rest of the raid to stay back by the door in case I did such a thing… lol…

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