“SILENCE! I kill you!”

F1West Kingdom is a very friendly, vocal guild. We hang out on vent all the time. We’re constantly heckling each other.

BUT we’re busting into the raiding scene and we decided that “The Raid Leader is in charge” and if you’re not the raid leader you should stay off the vent channel unless you have questions.

I’ve found this really hard to do. I have helpful things to say.. quips to make.. heckling to do. But last night I decided I needed to get better about keeping it to myself.

I -finally- figured out how to do it. For the raid, I changed my push to talk button. Usually it’s the button that’s right under my thumb on my Nostromo. For the raid I changed it to F1. This means that even though I would push the normal button and blurt out something.. it wouldn’t get transmitted. Since I didn’t hear ventrilo key up.. I’d know that what I’d said wasn’t broadcast. This would remind me that I was trying to stay quiet. So =if= what I had to say was really important.. -then- I could reach across the keyboard and hit the F1 key.

After the raid the Raid Leader thanked me for staying so quiet during the raid. Go me.

4 thoughts on ““SILENCE! I kill you!”

  1. I understand the importance of not talking on vent during the raid and fortunately for me, I can’t talk on vent. If I could though, I think it would be impossible for me to not say things sometimes, so its probably a good thing that I cannot.

    Naissas last blog post..Utgard Keep

  2. I remember when our guild first started raiding, we had a similar rule. “Don’t talk unless it’s important”, etc.

    By the end of the raid we were joking off and having a grand old time as usual =P

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  3. Yes you did very good. I appriciated it. People get confused when they hear too many people talking, or trying to explain something during a raid.

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