Explaination of my “Squee”

So my brother called me.. and told me that my previous post bordered on “not english”.


Ok. Let me translate:

I said: Blizzcon SQUEE Just a quick Squee*
I meant:
OMG! I’m so totally excited I can barely talk. I am very happy about Blizzcon

Footnote *: More work means less blogging… sorry all RL > WOW.
Footnote translation: I’m sorry I’ve been horribly neglecting you all.. but my work is kicking my butt and real life is more important than Wow.

I said: I won in the lottery
I meant:
A couple weeks ago Blizzard put tickets for their Blizzcon on sale. There were a lot of problems.. and alot of very frustrated people.. and I’ve been told the actual tickets sold out in like 12 minutes… but a lot of people went away unhappy.(WowInsider did a blow-by-blow about it)

A few days later, Mike Morhaime issued a formal apology and said that an additional 3,000 tickets would be available in a lottery.

I said: and it just happens that himself was planning to be in So Cal at the time anyway**
I meant:
As part of our SCA hobby, we like to go to War (like Pennsic not-so-long-ago). Fiancee (himself) has been planning to go to Great Western War which occurs in Souther California. As a matter of fact, it happen on exactly the same weekend as the Blizzcon. So we’re going to go down, attend the war, run out, attend the Con and then run back to the war.

Footnote **: Yes, I know on TN I said I wasn’t able to justify it.. I completely and totally reserve the right to change my mind.. and totally contradict myself. (I think I did it at least twice in that interview) So there!
Footnote translation:
I know that on the Twisted Nether Podcast where I was interviewed, I said that I couldn’t justify taking the time off to go to Blizzcon.. or to come up with the money.. but well.. I’ve just changed my mind.

After I went back and listened to the podcast I feel totally guilty that I sound like a total flake. I mean seriously.. I went on and on and on about how I can’t justify getting a second account for me to get a Zhebra.. but I can justify spending $40 to get a bear for fiancee.. Add to that, the flip flop I’ve made in my online life moving from “no no, I’m Monte, not a girl” to “I’m a grrl damnit, and don’t you forget it” It just sounds schitzophrentic. Especially when considered against the current tempest in a teapot that is “Gender specific blogging”.

I’ve decided I don’t care. It all make sense to me.. and as a girl it’s my prerogative to be inconsistent.

So There!

I said: so we decided to go ahead and get the tickets.***
I meant:
So I cashed in my option to buy two tickets.. and I bought two tickets.

Footnote ***: yes, this does now mean that I will -not- be ordering this from DirecTV.
Footnote translation:
It just seems silly to order it on DirecTV when we’re going to be there. So I’m saving that $40.

I said: So .. SQUEE BLIZZCON!****
I meant:
I’m going to Blizzcon, I’m going to Blizzcon, I’m going to Blizzcon.

Footnote****: Anyone know anything about “live blogging� or how I could possibly be a roving voice for TN?
Footnote translation
I’m not sure this one really needs a translation. I’m going to Blizzcon.. I want to share this experience with my readers.. and Bre/Fim from Twisted Nether Blogcast suggested recording sound bytes for them. So I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions about this.

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  1. It’s all about the twitter. Make sure you can send text messages from your phone and just twitter your heart out there! A lot can be fit into 255 characters.

  2. I know they have realm mean and greets… maybe there will be a blog one too. Hope to see you there. (That was in a non-stalker way. lol)

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