Squee Blizzcon!

Blizz ConJust a quick Squee.* I won in the lottery and it just happens that himself was planning to be in So Cal at the time anyway**.. so we decided to go ahead and get the tickets.***


* More work means less blogging… sorry all RL > WOW.
**Yes, I know on TN I said I wasn’t able to justify it.. I completely and totally reserve the right to change my mind.. and totally contradict myself. (I think I did it at least twice in that interview) So there!
***yes, this does now mean that I will -not- be ordering this from DirecTV.
**** Anyone know anything about “live blogging” or how I could possibly be a roving voice for TN?

3 thoughts on “Squee Blizzcon!

  1. Awesome! Congrats. Neal and I will wave at you if we see someone with a “Mystic Chicanery” sign around her neck. 😀

    Brandon Tilleys last blog post..Changes to Debuffs, Buffs, and Raid Stacking

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