Vague feeling of desperation

Alright! We’re here. We have 25+ people, enough healers, enough tanks. Boo-ya! We’re knocking on the doors to the BC 25-man dungeons. But I’m starting to see lightning around the edges.. Thunder rumbles in the distant background. We’ve -just- gotten our feet wet and suddenly they’re talking about the 3.0.2 patch. No, not yet. We’re not ready.

We’ve recruited some really great players.. and we’re ready to make the push.. and suddenly they’re talking about having the whole game change. Grr.

Well.. at the very least I want my Champion of the Naaru title.

Nibuca’s Pre-Wrath To-Do List:
– Lilac, Do heroics and kill Mag’s for title.
– Tatia, Do quest line, heroics, mags and probably nightbane for title.
– Fill up bank tab with low level flowers.
– Start/finish Netherwing quests with Lilac.
– Buy epic flight skill for Tatia.

Nibuca’s Wrath plan:
– Level Tatia (Holy Pally) with guild groups to 80 in one of the Wrath starting zones.
– Level Lilac (Affliction Lock) solo (or with fiancee) in the other Wrath start zone when guild group isn’t happening or when Tatia needs to acquire rested bonus.
– Start Death Knight ~1-2 months after Wrath is released. (I want to miss the inital group of knights).
– Play with baby (lvl 44) hunter (Hunters are looking damned sexy in wrath).