Recovering Altoholic

I used to be an altoholic. I had a toon for every need and I needed every toon. Then I got my first 70.. then my second.. and then I started trying to figure out which toon I should take to 70 next… and I got stuck. None of them appealed to me. I couldn’t find a good reason to play an alt instead of one of my 70s.

My current 70s:
Tatia the Holy Paladin. She’s done some tanking..and I found tanking not to my liking. So she heals. She’s good at it. She’s a little miffed at her low DPS.. but she totally rocks the heal meters.

Lilac the Affliction Warlock. Mad munchkin of (some) DPS and raid utility. She is tempted by the OMGWTFDPS of the Succy-sac spec but she’s still clinging to her ideals.

These two fulfill the “healer” and “dps” rolls in raids.

At this point the main reason I’d want another 70 was so that I can have an inscriptionist.

Warrior, Rogue and Priest just leave me cold. Nope to all three of those.
I’m tempted by “polymorph” but playing a mage always makes me mad because I can’t life tap.
I’m tempted by “hex” but how long will “turn someone into a frog” really hold appeal?
I’m tempted to level a druid to try out rolling life blooms.. but really.. I like my pally. Is it really worth it to level to 70 just to “try out” a healing style?
I’m tempted by death knights. I saw a video of a death knight riding around with about 8-10 maggots following him. I about laughed myself sick.
I’m tempted by hunters. They look damn sexy in Wrath. I mean really.. all those cool pets. I -wish- I could have a gnome hunter.. I think a gnome hunter with a Rhino pet would make me laugh myself silly every other day. Ok.. so I’m tempted by the hunter.

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  1. I have 4 Alliance 70s and have just started working on Horde ones (I like to PVP but I dont much care for losing every game lol). Since you have a pally and a Warlock (two of the classes I already have at 70), I would possibly suggest a Druid. The Druid healing is awesome, but if you love your pally you can Bear tank, or do some pew pew in adorable Chris Farley dancing Boomkin form.

    Im leveling a Warrior and Druid Horde side followed by perhaps a Rogue and Paladin or Rogue and Warlock. Hopefully I will have several lvl 70 horde by the expansion.

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  2. Hunter!! Hunter!!! Hunter!!! 🙂 I like ’em. There’s just something about being a hunter….

  3. Or you could turn to a guildie and say, “Hey Grimr, you’ve got 7 70’s, what would you recommend?” Noob.

    Here’s my advise: If you don’t like warriors or rogues, and the lack of lifetap drives you nuts on caster classes, then druids are also right out since they are all of the above. Maintaining rolling lifeblooms isnt all that exciting.

    You also seem to have an aversion to melee combat, so Death Knights probably wont suit you either, despite the newfound joy of maggots.

    This will also take out enhancement Shaman (which I love due to their crazy burst damage). Ele shamans also have mana issues, leading to a lack-of-life-tap induced aneurysm.

    I love my hunter, she can rock the damage meters all night long. Here’s why you will love them. It’s a pet class with deadly cute cuddlies instead of bitchy imps, lumps of blue marshmellow, or slutty demons. You’re not limited by the type of pet you can have. You can NAME your pet (no more random Khuuphom/Liprot/Anwar crap). You maintain your ranged dps status. Aspect of the Viper! While not as cool as life tap at the moment, the buffed up version in Wrath will rock your socks. You can maintain the ideal of the hunter with her pet and still WTFOMGDPS.

    Also, I’m the hunter class lead, the more people I can recruit to my side, the sooner I can take over the world.

    Let my words of wisdow go forth throughout the land (or as far as this blog).


  4. Funny, My first 70 was a warlock and my second 70 was a pally and I hit exactly the same wall as you until I managed to climb over it.

    Druid is your overall next best bet. You can style him ranged DPS via moonkin go kitty for some rogue-like action, tree for some really fun hot healing and bear for all your tanking pleasures.

    Out of all the picks you will get the most out of a druid versatility wise. A hunter is well worth the effort because hunters are very very relaxing when it comes to levelling and is something I like to pick up inbetween. Personally I still think of my pet as a dot I have to feed but nothing beats a hunter when it comes to solo-ing things ranging from instances to elites. Grab an ape and you can even multishot your little heart out and do some volleys.

    Looking at the pally and the warlock I liked the aoe potential of both and if you’re a fan of AOE you could try a frost mage (although I would go fire for the first 40 levels or so). My friend has one and frost is a fun way to kill 10 mobs at a time once you do enough damage with it.

    warrior / rogue I am definitely with you there… I tried both but can’t find the motivation for playing them. You might enjoy an elemental shaman as well but like most things they don’t really pick up power until lvl 40 or so.

    Personally I just go out and read blogs and forum posts till I am inspired to try something.

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  5. Well as a man with 4 70s (Hunter, Druid, Priest, Paladin) and 3 more in process (Shaman 69, Rogue 67, 2nd Hunter 67) “7 70s by Lich King!” is my new motto, replacing “Engage Monkey Overdrive!”

    I would strongly reccomend a Hunter,they are fund and to be honest pretty versatile, not in the Druid sense, but with Feign Death, traps, et cetera you cna do a lot of things to get teh job done. And don’t sell Druids short either, I have been Balance since level 10 on mine and find it very enjoyable.

    One point about hunters though, I speak from experience, it is a change ’cause self healing is a crutch 🙂

    Skar and Co.

  6. I’m currently an altoholic with the impending expansion. My holy pally needs nothing except for upgrades the guild can’t get to yet. My shadow priest needs more Kara, and badge gear too, but I’m an alt and others need to go in front of me. And since getting into 25 mans has been a real nightmare for our guild, I’m resigned to level alts.

    I too cringe at some classes. Warlocks, mages, and rogues just don’t appeal to me. Even druid isn’t that fascinating now that I’m level 27. I think I do it for something to do without the frustrations of relying on others, as well as to educate myself on what the other classes are capable of. Hopefully give me some insight into what others can and can’t do. It’d be nice if I knew when some ppl are bs’ing me.

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  7. My first 70 was an undead warlock (affliction, dabbling with succy-sac atm). 2nd is a prot paladin. Both of these are pretty well geared, the tank moreso. 3rd 70 is a resto shammy, but he’s been left to gather dust.

    My 67 boomkin is fun – mana issues are not as bad as many say if you gear properly and spec for all the mana regen talents. And you’ve got innervate.

    My 62 BM hunter is fun too. Just getting used to steady shot – it’s a game-changing skill.

    The rest are floundering in their 20s and 30s and I’m not hugely interested in levelling them – except maybe to get a high level inscription and/or JC toon.

    Warlock/Paladin seem to be a popular combo.

  8. Funny.

    My first toon was a paladin, who I got to 26 or so before rolling warlock and getting that to 70, after which I got the first pally (holy) and a second pally (prot) to 70. Now I’ve hit the same hurdle you all have, even though I have some alts as high as the 50s…

    I’d also recommend the hunter or the druid. The nice thing about druids is if you decide you don’t like the resto thing, you’re just a gear and spec change away from doing something entirely different. And hunters… well, they’re just sexy. 😀

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