A twinkle of hope:

Blue wrote:
Our new stock of Authenticators is expected to arrive mid to late September, and should be available for purchase on the Online Store at this time.

I was starting to lose hope. Especially when our guild bank was ravaged.. and we got none of it back. YOu bet your blue Jesus I’ll be buying about 10 of them and giving them to guildies for Christmas presents.

The only people allowed to access the guild bank will be those with an authenticator.

3 thoughts on “Authenticator

  1. Ouch. None of it back when someone was hacked?

    That’ll be interesting, confirming that someone does actually have the Authenticator before giving them access… hope your guild is small and tight-knit enough!


  2. So far, nothing’s returned. It’s been I think two weeks.

    Our guild is growing.. but the actual people who need access to the bank is very small.

    And, like I said, I’m planning to give these puppies as Christmas presents.

  3. Our guild bank got done over about 2 months ago and Blizz are still investigating 🙁

    As for Authenticators they said at the end of July that they would be restocked in mid august, I checked every morning and night for the whole of August and they were always sold out.

    Don’t hold your breath 🙁

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