Dance baby dance

danceAnyone else finding it curiously curious that we haven’t heard even a whisper of information about the dance studios?

7 thoughts on “Dance baby dance

  1. Funny, I was thinking the same thing while I was doing the dishes tonight.

    Not. A. Peep.

    Grimmtooths last blog post..If you take a walk, we will tax your feet

  2. I was wondering about that as well. I really hope they’re -new- dances, too, since the “new” haircuts seemed to just be recycled styles from other races. I was very disappointed by that. At this point, if my Blood Elf female could do any other dance, however, I’d take it! (Oh, and can I somehow change her laugh, too?)

    Esss last blog post..Friday Meme: Where were you…?

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