So .. hunters are fun?

Hitting buttons is fun. Not hitting buttons is not fun. Spamming buttons is not fun.

I’m currently puzzled by my “baby” hunter. She got two levels this weekend.. and I’m finding that I’m not hiting as many buttons as I want to.

Attack sequence:
Find mob.
Hit “Pet Attack” macro which will send my pet and mark the mob with my Hunter’s mark.
Pet runs up to mob and starts attacking. As soon as the pet hits the mob my Power Aura shows up to remind me that I don’t yet have a “sting” on the mob.
Cast a sting on the mob. Which will also start my autoshoot. (This will briefly cause me to consider which sting to use.. but normally I’ll default to the “hit my pet less hard” sting).
Consider hitting the “big red pet” button. But decide against it since I’m already at only 75% mana.
Consider hitting the “ha ha my pet stuns you” button. But decide against it since I’m already at only 75% mana.
Consider hitting “Arcane Shot” button. But decide against it since I’m already at only 75% mana.
Cast a mend pet.
Consider hitting “Concussive Shot” button. But decide against it since I’m already at only 70% mana.
(God forbid I should have to feign death or ice trap).
Mob dies.

If I’m conservative, as above, I can go for ~10 mobs before I have to drink. But if you look.. on the conservative route I only actually hit three buttons. Most of the fight was spent staring at my autoshot going off.. and deciding that I couldn’t spare the mana to kill the mobs faster.

This is annoying. I don’t remember EVER running into this problem on my Warlock. I had more problems with ripping aggro off my pet.. than worrying about which buttons NOT to push.


7 thoughts on “So .. hunters are fun?

  1. I feel your pain. I am also working on a hunter alt, and am running into the same dilemna. My problem is that I actually DO push all of those buttons you so conservatively avoid. And then 3 mobs later, I gotta get another drink :/

  2. I feel your pain. I left my hunter at 60 until after that change to spirit based mana regen hit, and all of a sudden I could kill about 1 or 2 Outland mobs before I had to drink. Thankfully, Aspect of the Viper helps a lot–if you can stick with it until the high 60s, I think you’ll like it.

    Brandon Tilleys last blog post..15 Reasons Feral Druids should be Excited about Wrath

  3. Don’t worry, Wrath of the Lich King makes hunter life so much better.

    Do full damage with Aspect of the Hawk until you run out of mana. Switch to Aspect of the Viper and you’ll regenerate back to full while still attacking (-50% damage). Then back to Hawk for more damage.

    Much more fun.

    Rohans last blog post..The End of Mana

  4. What got me about a hunter was the repetitive gunshot noise. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. I suppose I could go bows but… my hunter’s a dwarf. I should gimp myself because guns are annoying sounding?

    Ive been leveling a Shadow/Disc priest. Yesterday and today I went from 66 to almost 68. I think I drank maybe 10 times. Between spirit tap, meditation and shadowfiend, not to mention the Draenei racial Ive got so much mana coming back at me.

    Still, gonna have to level that dwarf, so he can mine for my priest, and she can go JC/tailor.

  5. On the live realms anyway, life gets MUCH better once you hit 64 and have aspect of the viper.

    So when you are just questing or grinding just keep aspect of the viper up. Send in the pet, fire off a sting, hit rapid fire and my trinket and do the steady shot rotation and move to the next mob. I can keep going and never drink!

    Also like a previous commenter stated, in wrath viper sting gets buffed so you dont even have to have it on all the time like you do now to keep your mana bar full!

    Mana wise, life was ok until I learned steady shot then I was stopping to drink every other pull. Aspect of the viper really helps the situation.

    Also as a hunter, its really a lot more fun to do multiple mobs at one time by using traps and Feign Death to keep aggro on your pet. It’s a lot more challenging and a lot more fun!

  6. I play a 70 BM hunter currently, but have raided as Markmen and Survival as well.

    You do alot of button weaving as a hunter, not as much as a Affliction lock in full boss fight mod, but a good amount. Once you get Steady shot at 66, the game changes dramatically. your button rotation will change to suit.

    When you are grinding, you will use you range less, as once you gear in raiding, you pet will no longer be able to keep up to the damage you put out. Then you will Learn the joy of slow Kiting. Its alot of fun, and a skill I see less and less hunters use. Wing Clip is your best friend as a hunter in melee. In and Instance or else where. (but not in a raid. Wingclip is replaced my feign death). Clip the mob, run through him. twist. flare off a few shots, and a concuss. run back.. finish him off.. or repeat until dead. Lots of fun. But play a hunte is easy. About as easy as any class.

    You can save alot of bacon as a hunter. Alot of Healer Bacon. Ice traps, scatter shot, intimadation, wyvern sting… very good at stopping a stray mob from pummeling your healing into Clothy goo. Usually enough time for the tank to turn around and pick em up again. Feels goods for every healer you save.

    In the expansion Pets will be amazing. you will have alot of options for customization for playstyle based on what pet you like and abilities they have.

    If you like pressing buttons, and you have an Affliction lock, I think a Hunter will serve you best.

    Cheers and enjoy


    ~Ruex (Hunter) Rukalix (Pali) Eonar Server

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