Victim of circumstances.. or was he

Millhouse ManastormI want Millhouse Manastorm to show up as a boss mob in Wrath of the Lich king.

Arcatraz is one of the floating instances out in Tempest Keep. This one was actually originally a Naaru high security prison. When you get to the end you face a series of baddies. At one point a prison opens.. and out steps Millhouse Manastorm. The Jailer even refers to him as “just a lowly gnome” which annoys Millhouse.. and causes him to take your side.

As part of the “Champion of the Naaru” questline, for the Tenacity quest you have to complete Arcatraz on Heroic and free and protect Millhouse. A’dal says that Millhouse “is a victim of circumstance. A stowaway who was in the wrong naaru vessel at the wrong time.”

It makes for good schtick.. but I really want Millhouse to come back as a Wrath boss. I want to find out that we protected him.. and saved him from Arcatraz.. but he wasn’t just an innocent stowaway.. NO! dun dun dun He’s a being of immense power bent on your destruction!! and You saved him from the Arcatraz and freed him into an unsuspecting world!!! *cue evil laughter*.

It would amuse me.

5 thoughts on “Victim of circumstances.. or was he

  1. I like how you are trying to suck me into this game by mentioning me in the Nether World, or whatever, interview, and then very sneakily getting Vigdis to show me RS feeds and lulling me into RSS feeding your blog to my iGoogle page…

    Very Crafty.

    But ppl of my religion, the Jew-Tang clan, we ain’t nuthin’ to F*#! with. So, go ahead, foul temptress of the BC, try and lure me in…
    You cannot posses me!

    PS: The Millhouse Manastorm story line you envision, would in fact, be funny.

    Wilhelm the Defiants last blog post..Gangsta Druid Vacation1.5

  2. 🙂 Ok.. so it was totally mean of me to call you out on the Twisted Nether Blogcast.. but I made up for it.. I totally found you at the last event and apologised (and made sure you knew I’d mentioned you by name 🙂 ).

    But you know, if you ever reconsider.. I would so totally play with you.. I mean all the time.. and I’d even help you buy a mount (to keep up with my new Zhevra mount). I am totally good for it 🙂


  3. Haven’t we had enough corruption with all of the SW government? Can’t we leave Millhouse out of this? You’re a stick, twisted girl.

    Yeah, okay. It was funny.

  4. They could tie it in real easy. Have it so Milhouse alligns with the Blue dragon flight in hopes for more power. Or he is helping them to save his life and you have to “subdue” him to get farther in an instance. Maybe he helps you further.. maybe he tries to subdue you at a later time… could be good.

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