West Kingdom: Now a T5 progression guild

Dead Void ReaverWho’s a dead little robot! That’s right biotch! Dead Voidreaver.

For the first time EVER! West Kingdom, in a guild only run, killed a T5 boss.

My DPS sucked.. don’t even look at it. Lilac was all dressed up in her Arcane resist set (+245 arcane resist). But Voidreaver died (and I didn’t).


8 thoughts on “West Kingdom: Now a T5 progression guild

  1. Gz 🙂 And 8 seconds over the enrage timer – how many did you have left standing?

    Why the arcane res gear though? You should be avoiding the orbs, not trying to resist them …

    Ithiliens last blog post..WTB [Another pet]

  2. Woot! Gratz on the kill. Do that for a few weeks, and then go have fun with Al’ar. If you can kill Void Reaver, you’ve probably got the gear to kill Al’ar; it’s mostly a HUGE raid coordination.

  3. @Seresa
    Thanks! Looking at that particular fight I was #3 in total damage.. so I guess I’m ok with it.

    Yeah.. those were scary 8 seconds. He smashed all the tanks.. and everyone in the middle of the circle.. and had just started running around the circle killing off the ranged. He actually died right on top of me. I’m pretty sure I was next on his kill list.

    Before the first pull the raid leader asked us to wear arcane resist gear if we had it. This would mitigate alot of the damage if we had problems running from the orbs. Even with the resist gear on, if I got splashed by an orb (which did happen 4 times) I still take 3-6k damage. In the end.. I”m happier being alive than doing top dps.. even then, like I said, I was #3… so I guess I’m ok with it.

    Yeah, officer chat was a-buzz last night. We were surprised at how well it was going. Even the trash clears were very nice and easy. In the end we decided that we’re ready.. now it’s just a question of getting the group together often enough.. and making the progression before Wrath hits.

  4. Again… Al’ar is a big pain in the butt. But I guarantee all your raiders will learn valuable lessons that will help in almost all other encounters (even after Wrath hits). If you want to talk about it, let me know.

  5. AHEM. “My DPS sucked.. don’t even look at it.”

    This would be the opposite of “not looking at it”.

    Wow.. a link to a basic affliction how-to. Do you hate me? Honestly, kick me in the kidneys again.
    *sigh* Yes, I sucked at laying down dots. I get it. Sheesh.

    Try this one instead:

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