ZA! Now with twice the fun!

Last night West Kingdom fielded two groups into ZA!

My group finished one timed chest, Bear, Eagle and Dragonhawk. The other group finished Bear and Eagle. I’m not sure if they got a timed chest.

I’m fantatically stoked that we had enough geared people on to field two teams.

(See below for Epeen stroking)

Add to that, for the full run WWS shows Lilac at 838 DPS overall. For Eagle Boss I was at 603 DPS** For bear boss I got 959 dps (that’s dps without Seeds of Corruption). For the final kill of the Dragonhawk boss I was at a whopping 1007 DPS.. but that included lots of Seeds of Corruption.

On both Bear and Dragonhawk I had very good luck keeping up my time on the boss. I’m very pleased with this run.

**I had crappy damage in the Eagle boss. As we ran in, I cast Curse of the Elements on the boss… he turned, chased me down and killed me in two blows. Afterwards the tank said that he’d missed with his sword. DOH! So it’s my own damn fault for being too eager to start DPS. About half way through the fight Mugruith, our druid healer, threw me a combat rez. (next time I need to make sure the hunter has Misdirected and shot before I curse the boss).


2 thoughts on “ZA! Now with twice the fun!

  1. I’m not sure about this, but it seems curse of elements causes more threat than it used to.

    I’ve had entire groups come after me when I’ve CoEd one mob (the one the tank pulled), but that might be a bug.

    It definitely can and often does out-aggro a warriors shoot/throw pull (even with salv on).

  2. If ever you needed a better argument to convince your tanks to sort out their hit rating, this is it 🙂

    Missing one of those first hits will be the difference between a kill and a wipe (and dead gnomes, but who doesn’t like dead gnomes 😀 )

    Ithiliens last blog post..WTB [Another pet]

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