Beta so far…

I think the beta is taunting me.

Thursday: Woo hoo! I’m in the beta. {Massive Migraine wipes me out. I barely make it in the door of the house. I went straight to bed and slept from 6:30 pm to 8:00 am (Missed a great one-shot of Gruul’s Lair). So no upgrading of account and no downloading.}

Friday: Woo hoo! I’m working at home today. I’ll be able to download the new client. Hmm 6 hour download. That’ll really kill my work productivity. Ok.. I’ll just download it after work. {Work all day.. then start download.. and head out of town for the weekend}

Saturday/Sunday: Camping for the weekend. Return to find installer downloaded Woo hoo. Install beta. Agree to new EULA/TOS. See bony dragon thingy fly around the screen. Login! Woo hoo. Um wait.. needs to patch.

Start to download patch. Ugh.. another 6 hour download. Stop download. Start it up again just before we goto bed.

Monday Morning: Woo Hoo! Patchy goodness. 20 mins until I have to leave for work. Surely enough time to ride a boat and see at least one new thing. Click to start program, agree to new EULA/TOS, See bony dragon thingy fly around the screen. Login! Woo hoo. Wait.. needs -another- patch.. ahh, ok this one’s only 30 mins to download.

wait wait wait Woo hoo. (only 10 mins late for leaving for work at this point)

Click to start, agree, see dragony goodness.. login.. need yet another patch.. another 30 min download. *Fume* *stomp* *curse*

Leave for work. *grumble*

I think it’s just teasing me at this point.

4 thoughts on “Beta so far…

  1. Well at least WotLK now has a release date and copies can get reserved!

    Just waiting to reserve a collector’s edition right now. That thing looks pretty sweet… I can hardly wait :9

    Delecious from Mal’Ganiss last blog post..Charles Rich Accounting

  2. You always give me a good laugh for sure.

    However I feel your pain there on that. Yes a lot of downloading of huge files. Your also downloading every patch as well. Yeah can sure take a while too.

    Don’t think you missed much over the Beta weekend. Servers were pretty much down with all the stress of all the new recent Beta invites. Lag was really bad, was even worse in the starter zones in Northernd. Outland don’t have as much lag, but Northrend does.

  3. I think the beta test is a test of your patience with all the downloads and patches, then a test of your patience again with all the lag. Repeat every patch when they reset all your talents and you don’t realise until it takes for ever to kill a mob (not counting the lag). I don’t think I’ve passed any of these tests very well. I have done a lot of mooching in Dalaran testing the fun new pet things though 🙂

    Hope you get to play some soon.

    Sephrenias last blog post..Pet love

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