Wrath for the little people

So.. what’s -not- in 3.0.2?

Let’s say I’m a luddite. Let’s say that I only have a couple of toons in their 30s. I’m looking at the new “Wrath of the Lich King” expansions and I’m wondering why I need to buy it.

Comes with 3.0.2 patch:
– Barbershops. All new hair (just in case my old hair had annoyed me lo these 30 levels)
– Inscriptions. Available up to 375 assuming I have the levels for it.
– New talents/skills. I get a respec just like everyone else.. that said.. I’m not sure how compelling the gameplay is going to be for a below-level-cap toons.
– Built in guild calendar. At level 30 this isn’t a huge thing.. but I get it without having to buy the expansion.

Available only with purchased expansion:
– I can’t get a death knight. To be honest I couldn’t get this until I get one of my toons to 55 anyway. But after that.. sure, Death Knights are reserved for only those who upgrade to the expansion.
– I can’t goto Northrend.. but hey, my highest toon is in its 30s.. so I wasn’t going to go there anyway.
– I can’t goto a Dance studio. Then again, neither can anyone else (unless Blizz is keeping this back as a surprise feature).

That’s it? Seriously? Dancing Death Knights in Northrend? Where’s the sparkle and excitement?

Am I missing something?

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  1. That’s an enlightening way of looking at it!

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  2. I’m assuming you have WoW + Burning Crusade? Once you get to 70 no one will want to group with you. Everyone 68 and higher is going to be in Northrend with getting their uber gear while you’ll sit in Shatt saying “LF4M any BC instance” and for a while you may get some but after a month or so you will be playing with yourself. So just like BC you are basically paying for new areas to level and a new class.

  3. When i was leveling my main, i didnt buyed the BC until i reached lvl 50 (53 i was in outlands).. so.. at 30s you dont even need to be thinking of BC, why would you mind about WotLK?

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  4. This is really no different than the original WoW to BC move. I came to the game late and didn’t purchase BC until I hit 55. There were some things that I couldn’t do, but it wasn’t a big enough deal that I needed to rush out and buy BC before I dinged 55. I really didn’t need it until I dinged 58, but I couldn’t hold out any longer;)

  5. (Keeping in mind I didn’t start playing until after BC was out)
    BC had Blood Elves, Draenei, two new starting area 1-20. Jewelcrafting.

    Granted, I can see the point..

    My problem is I think this evolution philosophy is flawed. Let’s say I played to level 30 pre-BC and got bored and stopped playing the game. I hear about this new expansion that adds a couple new starting areas. I could possibly be excited enough about those two new starting areas to go out and buy the BC expansion.

    Changing the parameters.. let’s say I got bored during BC and stopped playing. Now I hear about Wrath. I’m interested in the new features.. but there’s 25 horrible aweful levels of grinding between me (at level 30) and the interesting stuff.

    I’m not convinced that Blizz would get that person’s money.

  6. I absolutely agree. I think that there is an awful tendency developing with WoW to create content for only the minority of players rather than new content for all. This is definitely exemplified in the accessibility to high level gear only through raids and/or PvP.

    As a casual but dedicated player in a small guild on a smallish server (Gnomeregan), I have had to come to grips with the fact that I might not ever see SSC, BT, or Sunwell. In addition, no one in our guild is even keyed for Kara yet. It is difficult to be a casual player in end game content.

  7. And you pretty much hit the nail on the head for me…
    I’m still trying to catch up with everyone at 70’s… and at the rate I’m going, by the time I’ve got a 70 toon everyone will already be on to bigger and badder things.
    We’ll probably buy WotLK for Hrothgeirr… but at this point, don’t see one in buying for me.

  8. I feel your pain. I have two 70s, but they are not fully “geared” which leads to a host of other issues. In order to run certain content, you have to have a certain level of gear. However, in order to get the gear you have to run with people who have gear, talent, or (hopefully) both. In my current situation, it is difficult to find three or four other people to run heroic content with due to the gearing situation and level of ability.

    It would be nice if Blizz would have a not-so-hardcore raiding option for those of us with jobs, kids, and other activities but still want to play endgame content. Then again, it is my choice to play the game and if I don’t like it (which I still really do;) I can look elsewhere.

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