Dead Voidreaver.. and shocking (to me) spell effects

Last night West Kingdom raided The Eye. We tackled and took down VoidReaver. I think we wiped twice on trash on the way to VR. (we only had one warlock.. and that make taking out the saw-blade throwing demons more challenging). We started at 7:30 PST and got to VR at 10:00 PST. Two and a half hours just to -get- to the boss seems a bit long. I really think we can tighten that up alot. Four purples dropped… then we killed Voidreaver.

We one-shotted him. Unlike last time (when he died 8 sec after his enrage timer) we totally blew him away and had about 2 mins until he enraged when he died. Lilac got her T5 shoulder token from him (yeah!). This was on my “major upgrade” list. Fiancee and Khoss (our shaman healer) got the token as well. Go us!

Shadow BoltOk, aside. During the run, while we were still killing trash in Al’ar’s room I exclaimed “oh, wow! They changed the Shadow Bolt animation”. Fiancee asked me what I meant.. I pointed at my screen and showed it to him. He then declared me a noob and said it’s always been this way.

So ok.. am I the only one who never noticed that “Shadow Bolts” have skulls on the front of them? I mean, I’ve always seen them from the backside.. so it came as kind of a shock to me.

5 thoughts on “Dead Voidreaver.. and shocking (to me) spell effects

  1. I didn’t notice the skulls until just two weeks ago, actually.

    Fun fact: a paladin’s on an epic flyer is a little slower than a shadowbolt at normal flying speed, and is a little faster than a shadowbolt when I turn on Crusader Aura. If you turn the aura on when the bolt is too close and off when you want to let the bolt catch up, you can play a game of chase.

    A mob shadowbolted me when I flew past, and I had fun “kiting” its spell bolt across half of outlands before letting it hit me. I never noticed the skull until doing that.

  2. I can remember first noticing the skulls when I was about level 54, the same time when I learned that I could set the camera into Free mode and watch myself cast from the front.

    Freaked me out alittle, it did. Now I laugh when I see a mob casting a Shadowbolt at me when I’m flying away in Skettis.It looks like a non-combat pet 😛

  3. Heh, the captcha says ‘kek.’

    I noticed the shadow bolt graphic as early as the first time I ran SFK, because Arugal’s Void Bolt use the Shadow Bolt graphic, and his have very obvious skulls on them, which made me turn my camera around and watch mine.

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