Learning from damage meters

When the raid is done, you want your total damage done meter to look like this:

dps1 *************************
dps2 ************************
dps3 ************************
dps4 ***********************
dps5 **********************
dps6 **********************
tank ************
healer *

If your meter looks like this:
dps1 *************************
dps2 ************************
dps3 ***********************
dps4 **************
dps5 *************
tank ************
dps6 **********
healer *

Then someone isn’t doing their job. This holds true in 5-man, 10-man and 25-man. (Hell, it probably even holds true in 40-mans).

Ideally your dps will be very closely grouped together. That is the sign of everyone pulling their weight. If you’re the raid leader or dps4, 5 or (God Forbid) 6, you have a responsibility to view this as more than an epeen tool. The damage meter can be used as a learning toon to help your DPS to improve.

If dps2 and dps4 are the same class.. then what is 2 doing that 4 isn’t? The problem most likely comes from one of the following:

1. Gear
2. Spec
3. DPS Rotation
4. Time on the mob

Any of these (or several of these) could be the culprit.

I’ve seen toons in all green gear out damage toons in purple gear when their spec and dps rotation was superior. Conversely, I’ve seen a comparably geared toon in an “inferior spec” out DPS their compatriots in the “superior spec” just because the “inferior spec”‘d toon had greater time on the boss.

To maximize your DPS you need the right gear, best spec (as you use it), best rotation (as fits your spec) and greatest time on the mob.

3 thoughts on “Learning from damage meters

  1. Yeah death makes a huge impact on damage meters…

    I always freack out in the 1st 1/2 our of a night if I score an early death, or afk during a pull to find myslef so far down the meters.

    Nothing that a fireball or 2 wont fix of course 😉

    But back on topic… I had that experience a while back (documented on my blog in fact). I was tired of being way behind our rogue, and behind our otherwise badly geared dps warrior… so I went public for help. 1 week later I was past the warrior… a whole lot of grinding later I was equal to the rogue.. no days, depending on the night I am either just ahead or worst case equal to the rogue… can’t count the number of times the rogue and I were laughing at the end of the night about how one of us pipped the other one by 20 damage.

    Not to mention the gails of laughter during our runs when we are dead even.

    Our damage meters dont get shown very often… but you can bet that the rogue and I know where we are sitting at any point in time.

    Gnomeaggedons last blog post..Post Your Bank

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