“You are not prepared”

Not Prepared
I can’t believe the number of people wailing about how bored they are. I have too much to do and too little time to do it in. Wrath is coming. Hell, before that patch 3.0.2 is coming. It’s breathing down my neck.. and I am not prepared.

Ok.. the bear mount is right out. We can’t get 3 timed chest out of ZA let alone get 4. I’m ok with that.. I can live without bear mount.. and bears are coming in Wrath. Fiancee will get Blizzcon bear mount or one of the other Wrath mounts and all will be good.

I -NEED- to do 3 more heroics and Magtheridon in order for Lilac to get the Champion of the Naaru title. It’s all vanity.. but it’s a vanity title that shows that I finished at least part 1 of the Burning Crusade. I made it to 70 and was working on T4 content. I want the title. I really want the title on both toons.. but I’m having a hell of a time getting the Heroics done.. I just don’t see me getting all of them in the next few weeks on both toons.. so I’m aiming for at least one.

I am a -bad- beta tester. Aoem, my Death Knight hasn’t even left the starting area (though she is level 58 and is probably only a few quests away from getting the boot). I totally haven’t internalized the DK playstyle. It still feels like random button mashing. My Warlock has done like one quest in Borean Tundra and badly needs to spend quality time with a test dummy. My Paladin is transfered over but currently has 0 talent points spent since I’m still trying to figure out how to spec her. I copied a level 80 hunter from the template.. but I haven’t even had time to check to see if the copy worked. I suck as a beta tester. I’ve learned very little.. and I don’t think I’ve improved the quality of the beta. The only thing I -have- done is to get myself and my guild really excited about what’s coming. I guess that’s enough.

I’ve been so busy doing everything else that I’m totally slacking off in getting mats for raiding. So even though we’ve decided to step up our guild raiding times.. I totally don’t have the mats to do it.

The guild has totally exploded. We’re adding tons of new toons each day. I’ve totally lost track of it.. and everytime I log in I’m surprised by the new names. I’M THE RECRUITMENT GAL AND ORGANIZER!! I SHOULDN’T BE SURPRISED ABOUT ANY OF THIS. I don’t know who we have, how they’re geared, what to watch out for with them. Augh!

*sigh* not enough time.

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  1. Yeah you sound like you need to get allot done in a real short amount of time. Your Death Knight in Beta is allot further than mine. Only think I ever did with my DK was to create him as a placeholder, log in, see what he looks like and a little feel for my DK. I think I did 2 quests only right there in the area enough to just get a sword and use the forge. That was about 10 mins of play and as much as Ive played my DK. I’ll play one eventually when Expac is live but choose just not to devote any time to it in Beta.

    However Being in Beta I guess you probably helped stress test the servers if anything.

    Lots of new mounts in WotLK including lots of new unique flying mounts. The Grand Daddy money sink mount to me looks to the the Wolly Mammoth Mount. Not the regular one but the one that carries 3 players and have it’s own vendor as well. It cost 14000g. It’s looks very cool. You can get mounts at the vendor in Dalaran at the mount and stable shop area. Ever single profession/trade and item has it’s own unique vendor in Dalaran like it’s own store.

    But back to mounts. All that gold that players have being sitting on right now in tBC I have a feeling much of it is going to be gone come WotLK. Because their is enough gold sink around to take it right out of everyone wallet/purse. I’m gonna laugh at how many people are going to quickly go broke. Yet inflation is gonna hit the expansion as well, another way to depart with all that built up hard earned money. Will be fun times.

    But really with your guild you’ll have no problem breezing through the first few zones or instances all the way to 80.

    I spend most my time in Beta, almost sucks having played in Beta a while to come back and play on the live server as well as missing using talent or skills from in Beta. Only things I have left to do totally liquidate my personal 9 guild bank tabs much of which for profitable items I’ve already slowly sold off over time in long range preperation. Only thing really left is to get a enchanted to DE almost 5 tabs or so of Lvl 65+ greens from my various grinds.

    I probably try to grind out some Argent Dawn reps to exalted so I can eventually get the Champion title after getting exalted with the Argent Crusade in WotLK. I’ll probably level mining on my main other than that that’s about it left for me in tBC. That’s enough to keep me busy before WotLK on live. Outside of that the only thing I’m going to do is simply make and bank gold for many good reasons other than the pile I’m already sitting on.

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