RL through Wow colored glasses

Sometimes Wow colors your perception of the real world. At these times I find it immensely amusing.. and usually have no one handy to share it with.

At work, I often consult with internal users. Yesterday I got an email from an internal user

Hey [Nibuca],
I have a qq about how this works. When I do [blah blah blah]

It made me laugh out loud when I finally figured out that the user had a “quick question” not a “whiny complaint”.

On the drive to work I stopped at an intersection with two busses coming towards me. One had a blue lit up name.. and the other had a purple lit up name. I couldn’t help wondering what it was about the second bus that made it epic.

7 thoughts on “RL through Wow colored glasses

  1. I had to share this with a coworker xDDDD who is an ex-wow-player from Malfurion.

    Maybe the second bus had +34 stam and +32 str?

    Delecious from Mal’Ganiss last blog post..Reworking your Riches

  2. Nice stories, made me smile 🙂

    It’s a pity we usually can’t share these little WoW-moments with co-workers, I assume you’re like me and no one close plays WoW.

    At least we have other bloggers to share with! 🙂

    Solidstates last blog post..Brewfest

  3. Absolutely love the bus colors thing. Must be a helluva wild ride on that purple tagged one.

    In a meeting yesterday with the CIO and COO of my company, a giant international bank, I did a double-take when one of the officers mentioned “all the aggro that he generated” by publishing a document that was contrary to the popular opinion at the company.

    I tried testing the waters by dropping a line with the word Horde in it, and a little while later, said something with the word Alliance in it, looking out the corner of my eye for a reaction from the guy, but there was none, so I suppose “aggro” is sometimes used outside the MMO space.

    Gave me a laugh though.

    Amavas last blog post..My new fear of Achievements

  4. LOL, funny!

    There was this one time I was stick out in traffic on the highway. And Holland – it be flat. Very flat. So you can see all around you. There was this power line pole and a hawk flying near it. Yet the hawk was staying still, it looked like, not flapping its wings, yet staying in the same position. My first thought? “Huh, must be bugged.”

    Avonars last blog post..Victorious!

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