Dead toons do crap for DPS

Dead Toons
As mentioned in a comments on a previous post, Dead toons do crap for DPS.

Your job as a DPSer:
1. Don’t die.
2. CC your target
3. DPS

Last night we failed at Voidreaver not because he’s hard.. or we were undergeared/underskilled or didn’t know the fight. No, we failed because too many people died and we didn’t have enough DPS left standing to kill the boss before the enrage timer. FOUR TIMES!!! before we GAVE UP!

How to not die:
1. Don’t pull aggro
2. Don’t stand in the fire (or in the flying arcane ball thingy as the case may be)
3. Pay attention to what’s going on around you and react accordingly
4. Don’t forget to use your self-healing abilities (cookies, pots, healthstones, bandages)

We should have killed him. We didn’t. I’m annoyed.

** The image is from the Comic “Order of the Stick“. Many thanks to BigBearButt for bringing that to my attention.

4 thoughts on “Dead toons do crap for DPS

  1. I’ve read that the raiding subtitle for Burning Crusade is: Don’t Stand In The Fire. But I haven’t seen enough of the raiding content to say for myself. Is this true?

    gows last blog post..Game > Lore

  2. Somewhat..
    Kara: Don’t stand in the blizzard, don’t move during flamewreath (One of the few times you -do- stand in the fire)
    Gruul: don’t stand in the cave in.
    Mags: don’t stand in the fire. (or the cave in)
    Lurker: don’t stand in the spout (followed by get out of the water)
    Mount Hyjal: don’t stand in the fire.
    VoidReaver: Don’t stand in the arcane ball
    Solarian: don’t stand near the group if you’re the bomb
    Supremus: don’t stand in the fire.

    I’m sure there’s more.

  3. Al’ar: don’t stand in the fire or near the exploding birds.
    Prince: don’t stand near shadow nova when you’re enfeebled (or near the infernals)
    Netherspite: Stand in the beams, until you shouldn’t be standing in the beams, then run away a lot.
    Nightbane: Don’t stand in the fire, but stand in the rain of bones.
    Hydross: Don’t stand on the wrong side of the line and pull aggro or near someone with the watery debuff (forget the name).

    The list goes on and on and on.

  4. Here here !!! Don’t stand in the fire!

    I’m usually OK with allowing my raid members sufficient time to absorb a new fight and figure out the different tricks for survivability.

    Void Reaver is one of those fights that really should not take too long to master. DBM tells you you have an orb incoming. Also pay attention to the name of the person or people near you. Run back to the wall. Watch orb explode. Return to position and resume DPS or Healery.

    One death or two raid-wide is ok, as things may get crazy as you and your partner run away from the orb, and then one or both of you get targeted again while you’re back out there. Ok, I’ll accept a little chaos, that’s what makes raiding fun.

    Other than that, you have people either behaving (A) thick in the head and not noticing they’re targeted, or (B) “ooh, ooh, just one more autoshot before i turn to run away, that’s what’ll let me beat the rogue at WWS”. Either attitude is a big waste of the time of 24 other people.

    Amavas last blog post..Lets keep talking Achievements

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