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(BETA) The making of a Death Knight

While wandering around the Ziggaurat my baby Death Knight, Aoem, found.. well it looked like a dead Lilac (Lilac is my “main” toon, a 70 warlock gnome). This allowed me the opportunity to poke fun at myself.. and to film the successful making of a death knight. I also filmed an unsuccessful making of a death knight. LMK if you…

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Ok.. I read blather like yesterday’s post.. and I seriously wonder why you people read me. Honestly. *sigh* Can’t stop, murlocs will eat me. This has been a drive by blogging.


Wrath for the little people

So.. what’s -not- in 3.0.2? Let’s say I’m a luddite. Let’s say that I only have a couple of toons in their 30s. I’m looking at the new “Wrath of the Lich King” expansions and I’m wondering why I need to buy it. Comes with 3.0.2 patch: – Barbershops. All new hair (just in case my old hair had annoyed…

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Beta so far…

I think the beta is taunting me. Thursday: Woo hoo! I’m in the beta. {Massive Migraine wipes me out. I barely make it in the door of the house. I went straight to bed and slept from 6:30 pm to 8:00 am (Missed a great one-shot of Gruul’s Lair). So no upgrading of account and no downloading.} Friday: Woo hoo!…

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OMG Beta!

So I just got the “Welcome to Beta” email from Blizzard. I’m giddy and yet already I feel guilty. Do I neglect my guild and focus on helping debug beta? We’re just now making good progression.. I can’t really justify it. Or do I neglect beta and spend alot of time on the live envs. I’d feel guilty triggering my…

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West Kingdom: Now a T5 progression guild

Who’s a dead little robot! That’s right biotch! Dead Voidreaver. For the first time EVER! West Kingdom, in a guild only run, killed a T5 boss. My DPS sucked.. don’t even look at it. Lilac was all dressed up in her Arcane resist set (+245 arcane resist). But Voidreaver died (and I didn’t). WWS:


ZA! Now with twice the fun!

Last night West Kingdom fielded two groups into ZA! My group finished one timed chest, Bear, Eagle and Dragonhawk. The other group finished Bear and Eagle. I’m not sure if they got a timed chest. I’m fantatically stoked that we had enough geared people on to field two teams. (See below for Epeen stroking)


Victim of circumstances.. or was he

I want Millhouse Manastorm to show up as a boss mob in Wrath of the Lich king. Arcatraz is one of the floating instances out in Tempest Keep. This one was actually originally a Naaru high security prison. When you get to the end you face a series of baddies. At one point a prison opens.. and out steps Millhouse…

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