Don’t eat the crayons

CrayonsLast night we made a few attempts at Lurker. It was our first time as a guild attempting the boss. The trash went very very well.. in fact someone commented that the SSC trash is easier than the TK trash. The boss.. not so much. We had some positioning problems with the tank. I’m sure we’ll get it worked out shortly.

We had a new recruit with us on the run. Just before the second attempt on the boss he and I exchanged the following whispers:

Me: Heya, just checking that everything’s going ok.
Recruit: Yeah, everything’s ok.. It’s just that this is so much more than I was doing before. I’m just worried that I won’t perform well. I really want to make the grade.
Me: There aren’t grades so much. It’s more like kindergarten. We want to know “does he play well with other”, “does he share his toys”,”does he do what he’s told to do when he’s told to do it”.
Me: It’s more about “doesn’t eat the crayons” than “colors within the lines”
Recruit: Ah, ok. So share my toys, play well with others and don’t eat the crayons. Got it.
Me: Exactly.

So yes, play well with others. Learn the rules of raiding. Things like “keep the vent channel clear”, “if you have a suggestion, whisper the raid leader”, “pay attention”, “don’t afk randomly”. These things make you a good contributor.

Share your toys. If you’re a warlock, and you’re asked to do Curse of the Elements, even though it diminishes your personal DPS, then do Curse of the Elements. You are there at the whim of the guild and the raid leader. It also means that your abilities are not your own, so don’t use a Soul Stone or combat rezz unless asked to do it.

DPS rotations can be taught (if you’re willing to learn) and purples can be acquired.. but if you’re an asshat, no amount of our involvement is going to make it fun to raid with you. My time is too precious to spend it under the influence of asshats.

7 thoughts on “Don’t eat the crayons

  1. For lurker, to train people to move for spout we had one of our druids play THE DRUID BELOW. He would pop out of the center in seal form and then decide on the direction.

    Gave the raid leaders a chance to see if melee and healers got the idea of running the inside line and moving outwards or diving into the water in time. People on the island practiced getting in the water and out. Beyond that… it gave the raid one of those memories you cannot help but smile at thinking about it.

    hydras last blog post..ZA Imp Pull

  2. I have gotten nothing but help since being here and I am most appreciative of that. Any question I have asked has been answered and I felt like it was OK to ask… which is big.

    And “asshat” may be one of the best terms I have ever heard (read) and this game is full of them.


  3. LOL Thank you, that was a funny conversation. 🙂

    The trash in TK is in some places harder to deal with than in SSC. The only thing with SSC is really getting the pulls right and controlling the trash.

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