This CLOSE *pinching fingers together*

MagtheridonMy honey loves me..and does stuff for me 🙂 He graciously volunteered to tank both Heroic Shattered Halls and Heroic Shadow Labs on Friday so that Lilac could be prepared for the Magtheridon attempt scheduled for Saturday. We finished both Heroics easily (many additional thanks to Ireena, Krullwyn, and Fearthewild).

Magtheridon** was another story. West Kingdom (my guild) is an odd duck in that we’ve completed some TK bosses without ever actually having downed Magtheridon. When you look at Wowjutsu for our server, we’re the only one.

Anyway. We made our second ever guild-only attempt on Mags on Saturday. At best we got him down to 27%. We’re having problems figuring out when to call out the “cube clicks”. We’re making another attempt on it tonight.

Cross your fingers for me.

**Speaking of which.. why is it “Magtheridon’s Lair” instead of “Magtheridon’s Prison”? Up until Illidan came along Magtheridon was hanging out in the Black Temple. BT really would have been his “Lair”. Anyway. Illidan came along.. kicked the pit lord’s butt, and hauled Maggy off to that which is now called “Magtheridon’s Lair.” Now he’s holding him prisoner and harvesting his blood and feeding it to orcs (only male ones) to make Fel Orcs. So calling this “Magtheridon’s Lair” is kind of overstating it.

***Addendum: What was “Magetheridon’s Lair” called before Maggy took up residence there? Who built it?

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  1. Good luck!

    Having killed Gruul and Mag once each, I really think Mag is quite a bit easier than Gruul. So here’s hoping you get whatever coordination problems sorted out.

    Zigystardusts last blog post..NaaruRama

  2. Maggy’s down in the basement of the Hellfire Citadel, which were originally called just plains “Citadel”. It were build by Blackhand, the first Warchief, and were used as a military base to launch attacks against the Draenaninanae, most in particular Shatttrath. Afters, it were used to fer to assemble the army what invaded through the Dark Portal.

    Maggy’s lair itself were sometimes used as a armory, and sometimes as a game room. It were ideal fer such traditional sports as 10 Orcs Enter – 1 Orc Leaves, Catch the Peon and Pull His Head Off, and Basketball.

    Ratshags last blog post..Running With The Left Claw

  3. When it comes to the Cube clicks, don’t listen to DBM or Big-wigs to closely as there is a slight delay that over the course of the Fight can really through your timing off.

    Use DBM and Big wigs as a rough giude for this only.
    Look at you Combat log. There is a Blizz sent (so not by DBM etc) emote taht says “magtheridon starts to cast blast Wave.” When that happens Click. You can also see his casting bar for it too.

    Use both of these and you will have a Dead Raid boss Lickity split. Also make sure you dont have a blast wave coinside with a Cave in at 30%. This will probably wipe the raid. At 32% stop all dps and dots. Let the Blast wave come, take care of it, top up the raid and then burn down his health. Once the roof is down..Heal the raid, bandage, Pot, healthstone pronto b/c a blast wave may soon happen.

    Just in case you didn’t know. Would love to hear you get your Titles. G/L.

  4. I believe prior to Magtheridon’s arrival there, it would’ve been called “the basement.” Perhaps the “Citadel Rec Room” – heaven knows it’s big enough.

    As for the cube clicks: are you using DBM (or some equivalent like BigWigs)? I can’t speak to BW, but DBM should tell you when you start going. If, say, you have to pug it and you’ve got people not using DBM, best opportunity would be right as he starts casting, in my experience. You need to have enough time to get everyone to start channeling it, accounting for lag and whatnot.

    Oh, and if you’re in phase 3, make sure no one stands right on top of the cube! If there’s a cave-in on someone, they can block off a cube.

    Queklains last blog post..Wowhead: now with comparisons!

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