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ArtichokeSo.. well ok, we’re recruiting. Unfortunately we’re not the only ones. And our recruitment message isn’t all that compelling. I mean we’re not 4/5 BT with promises of grand purplez to bring in the bodies.

We are far far far behind the ball. We’re 4/6 in ZA. Have a guild bank.. forums, ventrilo and tabards. Ugh.

We’re home sellers advertising our “cozy cottage.”

When posting our recruitment message in our realm forum I found a lot of other guilds competing. Surprisingly there weren’t alot there competeing with us.. but they were competing with each other.

It got me to thinking.. where are the choke points to progression?

1: Moving from casual guild of friends to guild with 10+ players raiding Karazhan.
2: Moving from Karazhan to SSC/TK but stuck on Vashj/Kael’Thas
3: Moving from SSC/TK to BT/MH but stuck on Illidan
4: Moving from BT/MH to SW.

I wonder what the new chokepoints will be in Wrath.

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  1. I just posted on our problems with fielding a 25 man raid. We’re recruiting too and can’t promise much in the short time left. We just recently cleared ZA, but have only done it a couple of times. We’ve also gotten Void Reaver down once rather easily and have the resistance gear to go into SSC, but still can’t get 25 people to log on.

    Apathy abounds.

    I find it interesting that you skipped Gruul’s and Mag’s to go straight to SSC/TK. Our choke point was getting 25 people into Gruul’s and Mag’s. We had already cleared half of ZA before ever setting foot in Gruul’s.

    I haven’t been in the Beta. I don’t know much about the expansion (a concious decision). With the 10- and 25-man versions of all raids, I think guild choke points will be getting from heroics to raids and from 10- to 25-man raids.

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  2. Oddly, once we started recruiting we actually got quite a few new recruits. On days that are declared raiding days we usually have enough people to do the raids, on off-days we can sometimes make the numbers.

    For example: Saturday is an off-day. It’s not an official raid day.. but Weaver setup a Mags run so that some people (namely me) could get our titles. We were able to field 21 people and then pugged/friend-listed the other 4 positions.

    I think we have the added benefit that a lot of guilds that were equally progressed with us declared that they were “taking off” until Wrath..about a month ago. So we gathered alot of people who weren’t ready to “take off”. (I’m anxious to see how many stick with us after Wrath… )

    It’s only in the last week or so that we’ve started to see some apathy. It’s not to the “cancel the raid” state yet..but people are definately battening down for “Echoes of DOOOOOOM”.

  3. I think the choke points for recruiting are a bit more sophisticated than you have posted. Here’s my version of them for 25-man raiding:

    1. Working on MH/BT, ZA, Badge Gear
    2. Clear MH/BT, early SWP
    3. Mid SWP/Late SWP
    4. Clear SWP

    Anyone with some 10-man experience and ZA/badge gear can jump right in on MH/BT with no problems. The issue is if they don’t get a solid set of T6, they cannot help much in Sunwell. So what you have is a narrow window where you can only get the gear you need from a guild that’s still working on MH/BT.

    Once your guild commits to Sunwell, any chance of getting geared up is low. There just isn’t that much gear in SWP to outfit anyone. Once Sunwell is cleared, you’re going to have serious turnover. You need people that are familiar with most of the SWP fights because the learning curve is steep. One person messing up wipes the raid.

    The best way to recruit is to have the guild be selective, not the players. Go to WoWLemmings and querry the criteria you’re looking for then read the ads people place on the WoW LFG forums. Don’t make a realm post and hope that someone notices you. Be the aggressor. 😀

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