NWO: Warlocks in 3.0.2


Assumption #1: I’m totally making this stuff up.. I haven’t tested it yet.. I’m figuring it out while I’m at work so I can have a jump when I get home.

Assumption #2: I’m assuming that all the talents will be in the game after I get home and get to try out 3.0.2. This isn’t necessarily true given that it seems that the patch doesn’t contain everything that was expected.

Assumption #3: I totally love Affliction. So I’m not even considering a deep build in anything else. I just like the play style.

Assumption #4: My Fel Puppy just became my new best friend.

Spec: http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?warlock=050000000000000000000000002050222030023310250512331351000000000000000000000000000

Affliction talents I didn’t get:

Suppression (0/3): I’m already hit capped.. so Suppression makes no sense for me. So I left it out. When I get to 80 I may need to spec back into it.
[Minor correction: the 1% automatic miss was removed from spells. So now I need to make up 17% on boss fights. 202 spell hit rating only makes up 16%. I’ll fiddle my gear around to get 215 spell hit. Hmm.. though.. if there’s even one draenei in the raid I get this for free. ]

Frailty (0/2): I’m still not planning to use Curse of Weakness (not convinced it’s the bee’s knees) so I really don’t want to spend points on it.

Improved Fear (0/2): Reads like a PVP talent. Since I’m planning to continue to raid until the bitter end.. there’s not much call for fearing. So not much call for improving my fears.

Amplify Curse (0/1)/Curse of Exhaustion(0/1): Seriously? Amplify Curse just sucks. I cast 1 curse -occationally- cutting down the GCD isn’t exactly thrilling me. I’ll miss Curse of Exhaustion.. but again, it’s something I really don’t use in raiding.

Grim Reach (0/2): Moving my range from 30 yards to 36 yards just isn’t worth the points to me.

Eradication (0/3): Occasional haste just doesn’t thrill me. I may be wrong in this. This would be the first talent I would put back into the build. Mostly I’m just not entirely certain of the overall benefit of haste on my casts.

Shadow Embrace (3/5): I didn’t totally fill this talent out since I didn’t have enough points to do both that and get Bane (in Destruction). The last two points in Shadow Embrace occasionally gives me 2% more dot damage and reduces healing on the target. The “healing” part seems focused on PVP. Those two points I found were better spent further down in the tree. When I start leveling I’m sure this will be one of the first talents I fill out.

Affliction talents I did get that I maybe shouldn’t have:

Improved Howl of Terror (2/2): I -like- having this as a safety mechanism.. but really it’s not terribly useful in raiding. I’ve left it in because it seems more compelling than any of the others above.

What about the other trees?

From Demonology, I’m tempted by “Improved Healthstone” and “Demonic Embrace” but I really can’t see where to pull the points out.

From Destruction, I’m tempted by “Improved Shadow Bolt”.. but everything else seems to be fire based.. and really “Immolate” is the only fire spell I’m going to be reliably casting.

6 thoughts on “NWO: Warlocks in 3.0.2

  1. Some Thoughts:

    Are you often the CoE caster in your raids? I find that for whatever reason, it usually is not me, so I’m questioning early points in Malediction to fill that one out later. In addition, when we eventually have to level again, I don’t use CoE when leveling much. That may be a place to pull points from for a month, and avoid respeccing to level… I want to play around with the new fear (I have been required to chain fear things before and the added effect sounds fun to try). Also, with the addition of Death’s Embrace, I left a couple points off soul siphon. The only time I use Drain Life is when I’m low on health, Drain Soul when the mob is low on health. Does Drain Soul count as a “Shadow Spell”? If so, Death’s Embrace almost offsets the loss of Soul Siphon (at a glance). I suppose I am also somewhat spoiled by having a static Pally tank when leveling, so I don’t have to drain tank a whole lot.

    All in all, I’m loving the Affliction tree and glad it got some love. Also, thanks for the attention to affliction, I find it tough to find a good aff blog at times. :-).

  2. Keep in mind, my goal here is a “level capped at 70 raiding spec”. Yes, when Wrath hits I’ll probably fidget some numbers around.. but I’m not looking at this for leveling yet.

    When leveling.. CoA takes too long to tick unless I’m killing multiple mobs. I’m not entirely certain which Curse I’ll end up using. (yet)

  3. I’ve always been a big fan of Affliction as well and so far I’m LOVING the spec. I tried out all 3 specs and gave my opinion of each in my blog if you’d like to check it out.

    Abigores last blog post..Quick Thoughts.

  4. Currently, no, I don’t drain much.. but I am tempted to add it instead of Shadow Bolts as my filler.

    Drain Life procs both Nightfall and Everlasting Affliction so I’m thinking if I have less than 2.5 second available between refreshing dots, it might be advantageous to throw in a short Drain Life.

    OMG, especially with the Glyph of Corruption which give you 4% more Nightfall.

  5. Adding Haunt to my rotation doesn’t leave much room for Shadowbolt anymore so I’ve been using Drain Life as well. So far, so good. It’s nice to see DoTs back in full force.

    Abigores last blog post..Saving Mana in 3.0

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