State of the UI: October 2008

After Echos of Doom

Patch 3.02 has landed and my UI is totally updated.

I did a screenshot last night.. and then fiddled with it some more. It’s a work in progress.

Seen on screen.

Fubar – Across the top. Depositbox (which is now updated to be fubar compatible), eeShards (for managing soulshards), DurabilityFu, AlarmClockFu, tcgTradeskills.

Chatter – to move and colorify the chat window.

Dominos – Bar mod. Initially Bartender wasn’t working. Since then I’ve found that Dominos has some features I really like. And it’s easier to setup. When you hit CRTL or ALT the bar in the bottom left-hand side flips to a completely different set of buttons.

DHud – HUD. In this screenshot I’m using DHUD. It works ok.. but was missing some features I loved from MetaHud. I’ve started poking at the code for MetaHud and I’m fairly certain I’ll make a “fan” release of it. LMK if you’re interested in beta testing 😀

Power Auras – Just below the hud, the symbols on the screen are from Power Auras.

Grid and Clique – Just below that is Grid. LOVE LOVE LOVE grid. Can’t imagine playing without it.

Dottimer – To the right of Grid is Dottimer. I don’t love the current settings on the dot timer.. but I’m pretty certain I’ll be able to fiddle it into something I like.

Buffalo – Just below dottimer is my set of buffs/debuffs. I found buffalo to be very clean and simple to configure.

SimpleMiniMap – I moved the minimap to the bottom of the screen and made it square. Really, if the default UI let me move the minimap I wouldn’t have needed an addon for this.

Things you can’t see

Auctioneer – need it.

Cartographer – Still kind of borked.

RatingsBuster – Adds information to my tooltip about the value of different stats/ratings.

TBag-Shefki – Organizes my bags/banks. Also makes my inventory (and alt’s inventories) searchable

TooltipWrangler – Used to move tooltips to the upper-left-hand corner of the screen.

LinkWrangler – Used to allow me to show multiple item tooltips on the screen at the same time (helps with gear comparisons).

MobNotes – Adds the ability to update mob tooltips with notes ( “Can’t be sheeped”, “Charges #2 on aggro”, etc)

Omen3 – Threat meter.

Recount – Damage meter.

5 thoughts on “State of the UI: October 2008

  1. Thanks, Nibuca. I’ll have to try some of these. I didn’t like Grid last time I used it, but I didn’t take your suggestion and use Grid + Clique. (I know, shame on me.) I just got too used to Healbot, and the transition seemed clunky. But since I’m looking for something new anyway…

    Again, thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, please announce any fan-release of MetaHUD here, I’d love to get it back up again. DHUD2 appears to be broke for me. Out of desperation I’m going to check out IceHUD.

    Grimmtooths last blog post..Moar dots, moar dots!

  3. Cartographer – there’s a 3.5 version that works with WoW 3.0.2, but personally I don’t like it. It works sort of like Google maps, you can zoom in/out dynamically with the mouse scroll wheel for example.
    It was a little buggy for me, the configuration window would not come up, but in general it worked and if you hate the default map this might be a viable alternative.

    Thanks for the post, I didn’t know about Dominos – will have to give it a try 🙂

    Solidstates last blog post..Luck

  4. Great post, I love the idea. Might borrow it for my own blog =) Also, I have some suggestions that you might look at. I’m not saying they’re any better or worse than what you use, but alternatives are always good, right?

    Dominos is great, I’ve used that and Bartender4 since I got my beta key and finally settled on BT4 out of personal taste.

    In place of Cartographer, I’ve been using a combination of Mapster, HandyNotes and GatherMate from http://www.wowace.com and TomTom from http://www.wowinterface.com. I’ve found it to be a workable, lightweight replacement.

    I used to use Chatter and have since replaced it with PhanxChat. It’s not better, just different. YMMV.

    Some other “timer” mods to look at include NeedToKnow, ClassTimer, Heatsink, and nugRunning. I settled on ClassTimer.

    Do you use any kind of scrolling combat text mods? I used MiksScrollingBattleText on beta and stuck with that when Echoes went live.

    Just my $0.02. Again, a great read.

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