Patch 3.0.2 is OP

When we downed VoidReaver for the first time there was a cheer. It was 8 seconds after his enrage timer.. I was throwning soul shards at him and when he fell over ventrillo went wild as we cheered.

Last night.. there was no cheer.

I’m glad that Wrath is coming in a month. Because if we had to keep playing in the game at this level of OP, it’d get boring and we’d move on.

It’s too easy.

I really hope it gets harder.

4 thoughts on “Patch 3.0.2 is OP

  1. Something to keep in mind is that if these nerfs didn’t happen, no one would ever visit these places again. There are not going to any more epic’d out level 70’s in LFG for Hyjal or probably even Kara. This has to be made easier for the future players who are sporting mostly quests blues, a single purple, and some greens. Steamrolling stuff is kinda fun, but it will get old quick.

    But who am I telling, you probably already new all that.

    Dradis aka Ryukyus last blog post..Enough with the QQing, and I actually mean Ret paladins this time

  2. yeah, when you’re able to blow through Kara with only one tank and one healer in less than two hours, it’s been nerfed.

    when you’re able to five man Zul’jin (because the other five people got stuck outside…noobs), it’s been nerfed.

    But honestly, I don’t mind too much. We’re gonna go check out BT this weekend, something we certainly couldn’t have done pre wrath without the nerf. Have some fun, get a few shiny upgrades, then head out to Northrend and get back to work.

    Think of it like a little vacation. 😀

  3. Just keep doing harder content until it isn’t easy any more.

    My guild had to spend 6 or so hours learning Kil’Jaeden before we killed him. The content is much easier but some of the fights are still hard. Keep steamrolling until you get to something hard, you will.

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