Meet the new Dr. Boom

Old and busted:
Dr Boom
      New and shiny:
Test Dummy

I remember the first time I tried Dr. Boom. It was after my lock hit 70.. Dr. Boom doesn’t work for melee.. and so was useless to Tatia the holy Pally. I went out on my warlock.. and tried Dr. Boom.. and was amazed that I killed him. I got to fiddle with my spells.. and hit all the buttons to see how they worked.

Dr Boom was out at the end of the world. The only people out there were questers.. and other people testing their skills on Dr Boom. The test dummies are nice substitutes for Dr. Boom. They now allow melee to fiddle with rotations the same way that ranged has. Though I do wish there were dummies in Shattrath.

BUT, they’re in the middle of the city.. which means.. standing around casting shadow bolts.. is a little bit obvious.. and attracts attention. I had a very hard time keeping my rotations up.. only because I had people asking me questions.

“How do you like deep affliction?” (LOVE LOVE LOVE)
“Wow, you never run out of mana do you?” (not as long as I remember to life tap)
“What’s your DPS?” (750 with SB spam, 1020 with a rotation that doesn’t include Immolate.. but I’m fiddling with the rotations)
“What spell was that?” (haunt)
“Did you copy your spec from Wowwiki?” (Seriously?.. because I’m not qualified to spend my own points?)

And on.. and on.. and on.

Seriously.. Let a girl thrash about in peace.

10 thoughts on “Meet the new Dr. Boom

  1. Need a sign over your head that says “If I be castin’ don’t be askin’!” or something.

    Grimmtooths last blog post..Some real numbers to work with

  2. Yeah, I find that I kind of saunter on by first, looking at the dummy like “we gonna do this”?

    Then if no one is watching… PEWPEWPEW.

    Finally, I read my DPS while having a cigarette (no, I don’t smoke, except for the epic pipe trinket I got from beerfest).

    Like many of life’s joys, your relationship with your dummy is best kept private :-).

  3. lol… I like your response to the spec question. If you’ve played long enough and looked at the talents, does it really take a brain surgeon to put up a spec? Furthermore, anyone can edit WowWiki. Maybe I should go put up my 21/20/20 spec that will do mad… hybridability. It’s on WowWiki, so it must be true, right?

  4. Oh, also, keep in mind, the Boss ?? dummy is actually level 83.. so you’re going to miss it alot if you try it out.. I had to stick with the level 70 dummy.

  5. Don’t forget the underappreciated 6x dummies in Theramore where you can practice your AoE rotations!

    Yeah, that was a joke. But still, standing in the middle and spamming blizzard or seed of corruption gives you such an e-peen feeling when the Recount reads your results when you go OOM.


    krizzlybears last blog post..Wimzig’s Whimsy: AoE

  6. First time I saw the dummies, I started practicing my new Fire roations (mage here :)). I saw another mage flinging Arcane spells at the dummy, started chatting with him about DPS and specs. Was pretty nice and we parted on good terms. For me, this kind of interaction is at the heart of why an MMO like WoW is fun.

    By the way I saw warlocks standing next to me and I have to say the new life-drain and soul-drain look awesome 🙂

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