Raid stacking 3.0.x

StackingAlmost everything is now raid wide. A couple of times I’ve corrected our Raid Leader when she started reorganizing the raids to “optimize” buffs. That said, there are still a few “party only” buffs.

Shaman: healing stream, mana spring, and mana tide
Shadow Priest: Vampiric Embrace

The details:

Healing Stream Totem: 5 min duration. heals party members within 20 yards for XX health/2 sec.
Mana Spring Totem: 5 min duration. Gives XX mp2 to party members within 20 yards.
Mana Tide Totem: 12 second duration. Restores 6%/3 seconds of total mana to party members

Vampiric Embrace: 1 min duration Heals SPriest (for more) and party members for % of shadow damage done by SPriest.

This -probably- means you want to group your healy-shaman and shadow priest with the tanks.. and melee or anyone who’s going to take a small amount of steady damage.

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  1. There are a couple of other abilities that can be included. The one that I can think of offhand is the hunter pet’s ability Call of the Wild. I believe it’s for Ferocious pets. Depending on what kind of pet a hunter has, it might actually be beneficial to throw a hunter in the melee group.

    We were having this discussion earlier in guild and I think there’s at least one more, but I can’t remember it!

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  2. Wouldn’t you want to put your healy-shaman in with healers or casters? (Or even hunters?) I would think that the impact of mana spring/mana tide would be much bigger than the impact of healing stream, overall.

    Sihas last blog post..Five Things I Love About 3.0.2

  3. I agree with Siha. Not sure about the healing stream, but the heals from vampiric embrace on my shadow priest are minimal compared to what the tank might take. I find it definitely more useful on helping clothies slowly heal up after an aoe. They have less health anyway so percetange wise it’s a more dramatic effect.

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  4. http://raidcomp.mmo-champion.com/?c=1fm6ugcpk7000000000000000000000000000000

    That gets most of the buffs in a ten man raid, with one of each class. It’s missing melee crit (which is kind of a big one, but c’est la vie), bleed damage and the +spell hit debuff (again, unfortunate, but not crippling in this case, with a frost mage, affliction warlock and elemental shaman as magic DPS). There are some places where the raid will have to decide which shaman totem is more important (Wrath of Air vs. Windfury, for example), and the same thing with blessings/seals, but almost everything that’s “necessary” is there when needed.

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