Sensory Overload (I think I need a nap)

Zombie CatI’m feeling a bit frenetic. There’s too much to do.. and I can’t focus.. so I’m trying to do it all.

I feel overstimulated. I want to just crawl into a safe room and not come out until Wrath is launched.. but I also feel like there’s too much to do and I don’t want to miss out on a moment of it.

Blizz missed the boat on the zombie thing. There should be achievements and titles associated with this. They should track how many zombies you kill and grant a title to the person on the server who kills the most zombies (“Lilac, Zombie Bane” has a good ring to it). They should also track how many npcs/toons you turn into a zombie.. and that should also have a title.

They just totally missed an opportunity to include more achievements.

What I did since 3.0.2 launched:

– Oh, 3.0.2 is launched, must fiddle with UI.
– MetaHUD is broken, must fiddle with MetaHUD and update the mod (I did get this started but it’s no where near done).
– Now that UI is calmed down.. need a spec.
– Should I spec warlock or paladin or hunter first. Thrash about for a while.. spec the warlock.. but not sure if it’s what I actually want.
– Need to spend quality time with test dummies to determine optimal spell rotation.

– Raids are nerfed.. we should go get epic loots (Killed Gruul on grow 5)

– Raiding: SSC ftw. Guild firsts: Tidewalker, Fathom-Lord
– Oh.. Hallows end… I’d really like that mount.
– Lots of Headless Horseman.
– Oh.. trick or treating gives good xp and gold. (Fly warlock all around to get all of the T||T achievements. Fly lowbie hunter around to get experience (she got 1.5 levels))

Monday: – Spent quality time with test dummies.
Tuesday: – More raiding. SSC ftw. Guild firsts: Hydros, Leo, attempt on Vashj.
Wednesday: – More raiding. TK ftw. Voidwalker and Guild first: Solarian.
Thursday: – More raiding. MH ftw. Guild first: Rage Winterchill.
Friday: – Oh, zombies. How quaint. Guild zombie raid on Orgrimmar. BRAAAIIINNNS!

– Zombies.. no longer quaint now slightly annoying.
– More raiding. BT ftw. Guild first: Naj’entus.
– Lowbie banker toon eaten by zombies. We are not amused.
– Lilac, Zombie bane! I spent 30+ mins defending the flight point in Shatt. Overtones of “Evil Dead” and really wanted to watch “Shawn of the Dead”. Very amused by this.
– More raiding. BT ftw: Guild firsts: Supremus, Shade of Akama.
– Cleared Kara (22 badges) and killed boss. <3 Batling.
– Finished up the last of the achievements for Lilac to get "the Hallowed" after 3.0.3.
– Funniest thing seen: plague infected chicken in Southshore spewed out a cloud of green infection. It made me laugh (right before I had my felhound kill it)

Somewhere in there I also got the Jenkins title (thought I refuse to show it) and finished the UBRS achievement. Also got 500 kills in PVP and.. something else.. viscious killer or something.. Dunno.. too much info. Shutting down now.

I'm all over the place.. and I'm pretty certain I'm missing things. I feel like I need to take a deep breath.. and focus.

Just in case you missed it.. on 10/13 we were a strong T4 raiding guild. We're now (12 days later) a strong T6 raiding guild with our eyes on Sunwell. My how time flies.