Wrath Priority List:

– get fancy tabard from Scourge event for toons.
– figure out who I’m playing to 80 first (probably warlock independently.. and pally with guild group since pallies are gimped)**
– figure out warlock spell rotation that isn’t gimp on trash
– figure out warlock spell rotation that keeps corruption up on the boss and has good dps for boss fights.
– figure out how to compare armor pieces for warlock in NWO.
– get gold.

– get epic flying skill on Pally **
– Figure out if I really want to try for “the Hallowed” title on Pally **
– figure out “real” pally spec
– figure out NWO pally healing

** the nerf to pallies this last weekend really took the wind out of my sails. I didn’t really spec retribution.. and I didn’t have OMG DPS.. but still .. it feels like I was punched in the solar plexus. Until that feeling goes away I really don’t expect to say much about my paladin here.

3 thoughts on “Wrath Priority List:

  1. For trash mobs, I got the most out of it by just using Corruption and spamming Shadowbolts as Affliction.

    I agree with you 100% about Pallys. I leveled Protection and switched to Ret with the free 3.0 respec. I never had one mana issue until recently when I went back to Prot (hit 60, went to Outlands).. now I run out of mana after one Avengers Shield, Holy Shield, Consecrate, Hammer of the Righteous rotation. I hate the insane downtime of Protection right now and with the coming nerf to Judgement of Wisdom it’s only going to get worse.

    At least Demonology is getting a boost =D

    Abigores last blog post..Looking to the Future!

  2. You and me both Nibuca. I have been Holy this entire time but the DPS nerfbat has given me so much ennui that I am spending way more time on my Druid. Sad panda 🙁

    gts last blog post..Hi, I’m addicted to Cat Form.

  3. Agree about the paladin nerfs. They were disappointing to ret paladins, but they can at least still be effective soloing to 80 while it all gets sorted out. For holy? Ugh. Given that the vast majority of our damage comes from either holy shock (thankfully untouched) or our seal/judgment (nerfed TO THE GROUND BABY!), and since we don’t have the option (really the requirement now) to stack strength like ret and prot, we’re very close to being back to where we were, solo-wise, during BC.

    I really wish they’d bite the bullet, make all paladin spells scale off of straight AP, and get rid of spell plate entirely. Have a talent in deep holy that converts str to int or AP to mana and spell crit, plus possibly converts hit into MP5, and go with it. It would make itemization and balancing much easier. And for the people that say, “Then ret would be too OP with their heals,” it’s as simple as tweaking a few deep holy talents to give a substantial bonus +spellpower to holy spells, while keeping the base AP coefficient low.

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